August 11, 2014

The return of outfit posts!

First, I'm shocked at how many of you would've kept a purple door.  Or, should I say, many of you were shocked that I painted over a purple door. The context is that the door it is a basement walkout (onto a patio).  The other two outside doors are white.  This purple door will be replaced anyway with a new door because we'll be adding a doggy door once we have our fence completed.  As you can see in the background below, the shutters are black, so I think the front door (right behind me) would look great in a red.  Also, to all you colored door lovers, I plan on doing our pantry door in light turquoise and antiquing it.    

Maybe I'm just hopelessly vain, but my favorite posts on just about any blog are outfit posts.  I love seeing what other people wear and, not gonna lie, I often think about "how it will look in pictures" when I'm clothes shopping.

In addition to the spectacular accountability factor, I like looking back and seeing what I've been wearing.  It gives me ideas for other outfits too.

So, with school starting again and me having to real wear clothes each day, I figure now is a good as time as any to hop back on the bandwagon.  My day-to-day clothing right now is nothing fancier than what you see above: a semi-dressy tank top, Old Navy shorts, and Old Navy sandals.  Of course, all of the gym shorts and t-shirt days have gone undocumented.  


  1. I actually really like outfit posts too. Probably simply because I really like clothes...and I don't know many who do, so it's kind of fun to chat about them with others who like clothes a little bit. :)

  2. I LOVE your outfit posts because they're so real (and actually things I'd wear). I also absolutely love your deck. When I come to visit may we please drink various beverages depending on the time of day out there? Please and thank you :) I have to admit...lately I've been in varying outfits of "workout clothes." I need to start getting dressed again. Ironically I've been at least doing my hair and splashing some makeup on my face--but the clothes? Yeah, no.

  3. I typically skim outfit posts but like yours because you don't show 498 photos of the same outfit, just one or two.

    I'm happy to know I wasn't alone in purple door love!

  4. I love your tank top. I agree with everyone else - I like your outfit posts. Probably because it's not all c/o clothing AND it's all affordable stuff.

  5. This is perfect timing for my question! I've been wondering, are you going to bring Skirtember back this September? I loved the motivation to dress a little less like a dirtbag!
    Also, love that top!!

  6. I always love your outfits. I can count very few days this summer that I actually wore real clothes (aka NOT cropped yoga pants, sweats, gyms shorts, t-shirts, etc.). I'm both looking forward to and dreading the need to wear real clothes again.

  7. Love the shirt. I have one similar except it's green and more short-sleeve than tank.


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