August 12, 2014

What's on Scott's MP3 Player

You were going to get an awesome outfit post today (because didn't I just promise such things yesterday?), but I went to the doctor yesterday and then all motivation to take a picture was lost.  Plus, I can came home to a sick little Jett-Jett and spent an hour or so cleaning up after him.  I'll have to repeat that outfit soon because I really, really liked it.

So, today, let's talk about Scott and the music he likes to listen to.

Last week, we listened to his MP3 player on the way to Eleven Mile State Park.  His music is usually the go-to on long car trips because I rarely download music onto my phone.  We listened to Imagine Dragons from Alaska to Missouri.  That's a long trip and I'm still not really sick of them.  Also, it's worth mentioning that Scott has a Sony MP3 player because he thinks Apple is ridiculous.

Currently, I noticed he'd downloaded a Colt Ford album.  This song caught my attention.

That is a song about duck hunting.  

Listen to it.  There's a cameo "rap" from Willie Robertson.  We were able to listen to that, while using a Duck Commander duck call, all while driving around looking for a duck hunting spot at the state park.  It was a fantastically good time.  

What am I listening to these days?  Well, I go through phases.  Just this past weekend, I started listening to music again.  I was on a strict audio-book only kick while in the car (currently I'm in the middle of an AMAZING one, but you'll have to wait on that).  There's a pretty good country station here in Colorado Springs though and then Pandora is always a nice option when connected to the bluetooth.  

My favorite is the Thomas Rhett station.

I have no idea what the point of this post is.  I have a 12 hour day at school (including open house) ahead of me, and I really just needed you to know about that duck-hunting song.  I think everyone should have the opportunity to listen to Willie Robertson rap.  


  1. I really like Imagine Dragons, as well. Jason downloads songs for his phone all the time (and also dislikes Apple, lol) but when we go for runs I just put on Pandora. I like the Bachelorette station; it's upbeat and a mix of current pop, early 2000's pop, and other random party reminds me of high school.

  2. I spent all weekend hearing my brother-in-law talk about how awesome Colt Ford is, but I'd never heard any of his music.

    I'm SO glad this was my first Colt Ford experience. Thank you.

  3. I'm a fan of imagine dragons, too! I've been on a music kick lately. Sometimes I just really like putting my earphones in and listening to music while I let my mind wander. It's where a lot of my writing comes from.

  4. I love Thomas Rhett, he is so good live!

  5. It's funny how music preferences tend to change based on location. I listened to country music CONSTANTLY when I lived in Oklahoma. Now...I get in moods every now and then, but I don't even know 90% of the new country artists. Never heard of Colt Ford or Thomas Rhett...haha.

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