April 19, 2016

Stitchfix Stuff

I got a Stitchfix box over the weekend. I would've taken these pictures outside, but the weather was awful. Maybe next time.

The big change with this box was that I actually requested jeans.

They seem to send me a pair randomly every couple of months and I figured I'd go with it and actually lay out the specifics of what I want. Currently, I only have one or two pairs of jeans I've worn in the last year (I know...).

My notes were: 
"Long", as I've gotten a few too-short pairs and "Dark wash".  

My stylist really came through this month with these:

I believe they're a Nordstrom brand and, at $58 with my styling credit, they were reasonably priced. Good jeans are hard to find and maybe I'd wear them more if I had a pair that I felt were truly flattering and weren't falling down all the time. 

It says Straight, but they have a higher waist and a little flare.  I had a black tank on here, underneath this sheerish pink shirt they also sent.

I actually liked the pink shirt, but I hate shirts that you have to wear "second shirt" underneath. It's like, what's the point???
But I didn't like the shoulder cut-outs. I might be conservative, but I feel like it's just too iffy when you teach elementary school. And I really do dislike layering shirt upon shirt for reasons other than warmth.

So this dress was a no from the start because it was Denver Bronco colors and I can't abide by that. It was also REALLY heavy and not summery at all. I found it kind of unflattering and uncomfortable, overall. 

This yellow sleeveless blouse was supposed to be tucked in, but it was too big. So when I tucked it into this extremely high-waisted pencil skirt, it looked like I had an innertube around my waist and it was just weird. I liked the shirt, but you can see I had to layer a tank under it and when it's 90 degrees out in the summer and fall, that's not what I'm going for. Also, it was just too big. 

The skirt looked like Mary Poppin's carpet bag suitcase, but it was VERY comfortable and soft. Like sweatpants, actually. But I couldn't get over the pattern. 
I keep telling Stitchfix I want neutrals I can mix and match. Someday they might listen. 

The only thing I kept was the jeans and I'm satisfied with that. There's few things worse than going shopping and trying things on the in the dressing room, so I'll try again next month.  It's like an addiction.

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  1. I never wear or buy jeans. I do have jeggings. If I do find a great pair of jeans, I will absolutely pay for them.

    I have a lot of shirts that require another shirt underneath. Since shirts are so sheer these days, I feel like we're moving to a place where almost all shirts are going that way.

  2. I really love the dress you got, it looks great on you.

  3. I actually like the skirt! But I don't know if I would've gotten it because neutrals, etc. I'm the same way. My stylist is pretty good about sending neutrals, but that basically means blue to them... I don't know why. My boxes are ALWAYS blue!

  4. I agree with you about the pink shirt, I wouldn't have felt comfortable wearing that to work either. I'm also not a fan of clothes that require extra clothes in order to be able to wear them. I like fuss free! I actually think the dress looks really nice on you but if you're not feeling it then you'll never wear it so no point keeping.

  5. That pink shirt was pretty on you and I like the jeans! The last outfit would have looked cute if the shirt would have been smaller.

  6. i wear a cami under everything, always have, but i don't like when they are visible, like under the yellow or pink top, so i feel you there. i wouldn't feel comfortable wearing the pink shirt to work, let alone if i was a teacher. i dig the mary poppins skirt, the pattern is a bit much but it does look super comfy. and that dress is... interesting! lol. glad you got some jeans though, that's quite a good price for jeans i feel like.

  7. I feel that if I get one piece that I love from StitchFix, I'm satisfied. It is really quite fun to get that box delivered and try on all of the clothes!

  8. I don't like shirts that require two shirts to be worn, either--living in a hot climate can definitely make that seem totally pointless. There's a couple sleeveless tops/dresses that I'll make exceptions for, but the anti-layering part of me is why I'm always drawn to things with sleeves.


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