April 18, 2016

My Weekend...

...started with a giant pile of things to sort through at work.

My view on Friday when I got home from work. We spent the weekend sequestered at home because there were tornadoes, hail, and thunderstorms in Colorado on Friday night, and a blizzard on Saturday and into Sunday.

So my work continued at the kitchen table, still chipping away at piles of school stuff.

*I also spent a fair amount of time watching Orphan Black while I did said schoolwork. Have you watched this show yet?? You need to. 

*And I cleaned.

*I talked to my co-worker, who has the stomach flu (an actual doctor diagnosis), so now I'm just kind of waiting for that...we share everything. Sigh. 

*I got a Stitchfix box and that was the most exciting part of my weekend. Details to follow.

(You can see the Stitchfix clothes on the kitchen table in that picture up there.  They're in my pile o' stuff to take care of before the weekend's over.)

*Oh! Jett hit a major milestone. I had to share it with Scott via text, like a proud parent. 
I threw a treat to Scout and he missed it. Jett snatched it up and, when I gasped and said NO, he spit it back out and backed away slowly. 
And then I kept pushing Jett away because he wouldn't leave me alone when I was trying to do work and Scott said he won't leave me alone because he knows I'm his master and he's looking for direction. .....Sure. 

*I can see that the east coast had a nice weekend, weather-wise. Maybe next week it'll be our turn??

*Also, I've realized that I'm writing these weekend posts and Currently posts because I want to prove that I'm passing this deployment in a productive manner. I'm SO glad I have this blog as proof that I didn't (exactly) piddle away the deployment in 2012. 

Here's to....Monday.

This is my favorite gif of late. 


  1. I'm sorry the weather was so crummy this weekend, but glad you got in some good Orphan Black time! We watched the first season and then forgot about it when we took a break before starting the second season. The main actress is incredible!!
    Hoping your Monday is easy and tornado/blizzard free!!

  2. I hope the weather gets better! I heard a lot of crazy things about it from other friends.

  3. I saw pics from my friend in Denver and was like HELL NO to that snow. We had great weather this weekend. There is something to be said for being forced to take care of your inside business though.

    WOW, Jett...I am truly impressed.

  4. Wow that's amazing what Jett did-haha It proves he can definitely listen when he wants to :)

  5. If it somehow makes you feel better, the stomach flu is here too. My niece had it, and gave it to her parents, who gave it to my mom, and no my sister's in-laws have it. Sharing is caring? Haha

  6. Wow, that's some extreme weather. We did have a really lovely weekend here in PA, and it was exactly what we needed. I was starting to lose my mind a bit.

  7. Hooray for Jett! Dobie is food aggressive and it's a constant battle.

    Colorado weather was just insane this weekend. Made me even more thankful for the nice weather we had.

  8. I keep meaning to try Orphan Black, it looks so intriguing! I "keep meaning" to try like 5 shows...and then I'm never in the mood to watch something I actually have to pay attention to, haha.

    If next week is your turn for good weather, maybe ours will be the week after that...rain rain rain rain rain and more rain. Living in a rainforest is just getting SO old after...jeez, 7 years.

    I'm amazed Jett actually spit out a treat when you said no! That's pretty impressive.

  9. I woke up this morning, and many of my peeps live in Houston, so I saw all kinds of weather-related (flooding and tornadoes) posts. It made me not complain that it was raining outside for me...just a normal rain.

    I'm 100% certain that neither of my dogs would spit out a treat on command. No way.

  10. I love these types of posts from you. And YAY! GOOD BOY JETT!!

  11. Orphan Black is crazy addicting! I've only watched the first two season, but it looks like Amazon has added the third. I know what I'm doing soon!


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