March 10, 2016

Screenshots from my iPad

Some days, when I can't bear the thought of typing or looking at a computer screen any longer, I just cruise from site to site, or app to app, on my iPad. There's no typing involved and it's a very relaxing way to end a long day while listening to Netflix in the background. The teacher in me is scolding myself and saying Read a book! but I just need absolute mindless nothingness for at least 30 minutes before bed. Reading a book takes too much concentration.

All that to say that when I see something I like on my iPad, I take a screenshot. Here are some of those. 

I've been waiting for this book to come out since 2011. My mom read the first two in the trilogy when she visited last year and told me the 3rd was coming out in March. Now it's October. So depressing. 

I rarely pin/re-post teaching memes or quotes because if you've seen one, you've seen them all. But this was particularly descriptive and very true. My level of multi-tasking is somewhere in the Chuck Norris range of things.

Speaking of..

One of my students loves unicorns. She wrote an entire book about them that's a bit like a graphic novel. I was going to let her type it this week. Go all whole-child in my methods and give her a task that will motivate and excite her. 

Speaking of students...I spent the better part of Wednesday afternoon trying to figure out how to arrange seats so the students don't bother each other and don't bother me. I have 27 students and their desks are huge so my options are limited. They're in tables and I told them they just need to learn how to get along (every day is a, literal, battle). 
I might try this though. I'd forgotten about it until I found it on my iPad this weekend. 

And I'm not sure what it says about me that I find this so amusing.  I bet Kevin Chang is a millionaire now. 

Do you screenshot pictures and completely forget about them? Most of these were from last fall. 

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  1. This is funny. It makes me want to pick up my phone immediately and see what I've got screenshotted. (that's totally not a word.)

  2. I haven't done a good old mindless wander on the interwebs in a long time. I used to love doing it when pinterest first came out!!!

  3. That Kevin Chang made me laugh more than it should have.

    Like Joey I used to love perusing pinterest. Now I go with a goal in mind.

  4. I'm not a teacher, but I imagine that description to be wildly accurate. Heck, I feel that way at work sometimes when people just do not get it. And I'm dealing with grownups.

    Now I'm off to see what I have screenshotted.

  5. I love the Chuck Norris one. I only really take screenshots of things I find funny for Friday Favorites. I still love the Pinterest home page too.

  6. My screenshots are all super dull, like train times and flight prices. So I don't think anyone would be to thrilled to see those.

    I feel like I've probably worked with Kevin Chang before... Or at least one of his minions.

  7. I did a setup once like that and loved it. The kids, not so much BC I didn't place them by any of their friends ;)

  8. Oh, the one about teaching and driving a bus backward through the Andes has cracked me up all day! I'm an SLP in a school system, so I understand on a smaller scale! Hilarious! When I used an iPad more regularly, I took screenshots all the time. I'll have to charge it up and see what hidden gems I have on there (that I've obviously forgotten about). Thanks for the laugh!

  9. My screenshots are not as fun as yours! Love them!

  10. Haha the one about teaching I'm sure you can account is pretty accurate. Hats off to you all, don't know how you do it!

  11. Hah! This is awesome. I tend to pin things if I come across stuff, but your idea is great since you have an iPad and it's probably easier to just screen capture it. Love the first photo about cats - so true, I am an adult cat. ;)


  12. It is just the second Apple gadget to have it. Pencil obviously gives you a chance to scribble down notes in the Notes application or draw more professional looking representations with applications like Procreate.


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