February 25, 2016

School Stuff and Things 2/25

My students had to write about "Pretend you are on a game show". They could barely come up with a game show. I had to explain the concept of what a game show actually was. (What do they do with their summers if they don't sit around and watch game shows like I did when I was 10?)
Then, one girl showed me her paper and she had decided to be on The Hunger Games.

Because it has games in the title, it must be a game show I suppose. 

But it gets better.

Another girl said Yes, that's it. I would like to be on The Hunger Games too. And she started ferociously writing her paper.

It took everything I had, all my willpower, to just give up and nod along.  I have a feeling they've never read The Hunger Games.


Speaking of school, a student compared me to Miss Honey in Matilda.

There's no greater compliment. I also admit that this is one of the students who I had to help adjust to the rigors of 4th grade. The fact that the kid still likes me means a lot and tells me I did my job well.

This is the PIT.  The Learning Pit.  I told my students we're going to be focusing on the pit for the rest of the year because if they're not down in the pit, they're not learning.  It's an amazing representation of how we ALL learn, actually.

You're going along, all happy, and you realize there's something new to learn and you fall in. You're confused, you struggle, you need help. You, with the help of your prior knowledge (that backpack) and your peers, make it out the other side.  It's a process.

One kid made the observation of Hey, the side you come out on is higher than the side you started on because you learned!

And I made sure I emphasized the part that we would all (me included) be throwing ourselves into the pit for the rest of the school year because if we're not in the pit, we're not learning. Trust me. You want to be in the pit.

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  1. I like the learning pit. It's a great equalizer.

  2. I do love the learning pit! Always have.

  3. I really like that illustration of The Learning Pit. I'm gearing up for staff training and I can totally see incorporating that concept with our returning staff/staff moving on to a more senior leadership position. Thanks for the food for thought!

  4. I'm going to ask my daughter to come up with a game show. I'm going to have her write a blog post about it. Not even kidding.

  5. awwww miss honey! what a compliment. seriously. i also really like the learning pit, such a good way to show kids that learning is awesome. lol to the kids wanting to be on the hunger games. i would absolutely 100% not want to be in that world.. i'd be the first to die.

  6. Kids these days!! Some of my best sick days were spent binging on The Price is Right.

  7. I love this!!

    I don't think games shows are what they used to be. It's more reality TV these days. Anybody want to go on Survior? lol

  8. Miss Honey!! That's an awesome compliment!

  9. I love this so much--except the hunger games part. You're stronger than me. I wouldn't have been able to handle it.

  10. I love that the kid noticed that the side on the other side of the pit is higher. Way to go, Miss Honey!

  11. Man, this kind of makes me sad because as a kid game shows with my grandma during breaks were what we did! But I guess there aren't many game shows anymore...but I died at the Hunger Games. Poor kid.

  12. The PIT is a great analogy and I had never thought of it that way. I like it!

    Game shows! Have you seen the family feud clip where they were supposed to think of another word for "mother"? Oh. Em. Gee. So hilarious!

  13. It's sad that kids don't know what a game show is anymore. There were so many great ones on when we were kids.


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