January 14, 2016

Stuff and Things 1/14

Stuff, Things, etc.

I didn't mean to completely drop the blogging ball this week.  I usually write my blog posts on Saturday mornings and last Friday, Scott surprised me by saying we were going to Denver for the weekend for my birthday.  So Saturday morning was spent running errands and packing a bag instead of writing and relaxing.

The winner of the $10 Starbucks gift card is Micah!  Congrats!  Shoot me an email with your address and it'll be on its way.

Also, what didn't get done this past weekend: an ice cream cake. Highly disappointing.

I've been battling it out with my iPhone this week.  I've been eligible for an upgrade since November, but there's something wrong with my storage capacity software and it also affects how things are saved to iCloud.  Therefore, I spent an hour at the Apple Store on Tuesday while they tried, to no avail, to back up my phone and process my upgrade.  I had a new phone and case in hand...and then the gentleman (who was very patient and nice) said he just didn't feel comfortable deleting everything from my current 5C without knowing I had all my pictures and videos on my computer first (i.e. instead of trusting the Cloud).  So, I drove home and backed everything up on iTunes and tomorrow I'm going to get my new phone.
What a ridiculous ordeal.  And such a first-world problem that I'm ashamed to rant about. It wouldn't be such an issue if we didn't live over an hour from the Apple Store.

I found this on one of my favorite blogs last night.  The brilliance...it's remarkable.

If you haven't watched Making a Murderer, you should.

Scott bought me a coat rack for my birthday.  I've been saying we need one for the basement. And then he also ordered me heavy-duty floormats for my car.  You can tell we've been married for 6 1/2 years.

But we also went to a fancy restaurant in Denver and stayed at a fun hotel and he had to do whatever I asked all weekend, including put that coat rack together.  So it all worked out.

If you have a chance, hop on over to Joey's blog and leave some kind words. She's been through a lot this week and support from fellow bloggers can be so uplifting.

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  1. hahaha that meme is amazing (and SO true!)
    Your birthday night in the city sounded like a lot of fun...coat rack and all! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a fun birthday weekend! Hope the phone situation gets sorted quickly!

  3. I absolutely love the Making a Murderer Memes.

    Hurrah for a great birthday weekend!

    I've been looking for a coat rack, but I don't want one that takes up a ton of space.

    I had some frustrations when I got the iPhone 6. Total first world problems but frustrations nonetheless.

  4. Oooh ooh where did ya eat in Denver? ;)

    I'm glad you had a good little "getaway"!

  5. Happy birthday! And happy (belated) birthday weekend in Denver! Seems like you guys had a really nice time.

    I love all the MAM memes!

  6. 1. Happy Belated Birthday!! 2. My bday was Jan 2, and I asked Jason for two gifts: to get my car professionally detailed, and to go to a wine tasting with me (he is not a fan of wine, and I am becoming one)...so that's married life for ya! Your Denver trip sounds fun!

  7. Haha oh that meme is perfect!!

  8. Everyone at school is talking about that show and I am waiting until my February break to binge watch it! UGH!

    I also have issues with my software and my storage capacity on my iphone 5s. I take pictures of everything on it (and delete the instagram pics as soon as they're on instagram) but still from time to time, I get the pop up message there is no more storage. I REALLY want to get a new one. #firstworldproblems


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