January 28, 2016

Link Love (S&T 1/28)

Stuff, Things, etc.

+I cried at the end of Downton last week (1/17's episode).  Spoiler here.

+I like this. I have a purse problem.

+You might've seen this on Facebook: a doctor explains what parents are doing wrong.

+This was on Facebook too: why you should never ask someone when they are having kids. (But since this is a Buzzfeed article, there's a typo. See if you can find it.)

+Funny tweets.

+I've been loving the Saturday spin class here because the instructor is wonderfully motivating and, like, good at it (which is rare). She also has the best taste in music.  She played Taking Back Sunday AND some of the 90s music remixed in a way that is really perfect for cardio. I'm pretty sure all I listened to for the first two years of college was Taking Back Sunday.

+I pinned this orange chicken recipe because it's kind of embarrassing for me to admit how much I love Panda Express.  We had P-Ex catered at school a few months ago and I ate two platefuls and then I almost fell asleep in the middle of reading class.  It was awful.

+And while you're on Food52's site, look at this list of things to do for yourself in the kitchen this year.  Some of it seems very tempting, some seems impossibly easy, and some just seems impossible.

+This might be the best thing I've seen someone in Hollywood say about snubbing. The only person who is ever allowed to complain is Leonardo DiCaprio.

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  1. I'm going to spend some time perusing that 57 things to do for yourself in the kitchen list.

    You've made me super jazzed to catch up on Downton this weekend.

  2. that doctor article was super interesting, and that bag is so cute! that buzzfeed article was good too, i *think* i noticed the typo but i don't know and i'm too scared to say it in case i'm wrong, because i'm not the smartest haha. so you'll just have to tell me. love what ice cube said too, the people being babies are just.. ugh. babies.
    yum, panda express. there is one literally on the way home from work that i pass by every single day. we eat there fairly often haha

  3. Affected/effected. I can't say I agree with her opinion 100% but I had fun searching for the typo anyway.

    Love the bag!

    And...Hollywood whiners need to suck it up. Ice Cube gets a huge high five for that one. Even better that he's black and still said it.

  4. Yes to Leo!!! The man has earned the right to complain if he feels like it.

  5. I have a boot problem. I had done so well this month with not spending money on things I really don't NEED, and I blew it today. In my defense, ShoeDazzle put $20 in my account because I haven't gotten anything in a while. I blame them. On the bright side, I scored two pairs of boots for about $62. My semi-dress/casual boots are wearing on the heel, so I AM actually replacing a pair....

  6. I agree...never ask ppl when they are having kids. You never know if there's an issue or whatnot. I know I get tired of the question :/

  7. That purse is cute!! Amen to the why people shouldn't ask about your reproductive business!!!!!! And I love that list of things we should do in the kitchen this year!

  8. I need to make that orange chicken, even though I dislike most things orange. I feel like I'd enjoy this dish, though. And I love that kitchen to-do list!

  9. I think I finally need to break down and start watching Downton. I don't know why I've held out for so long! And that chicken looks delish :-)


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