August 7, 2015

August Goal: Enjoy the process

This is my favorite time of year.  Back-to-school season.  This is when my years begin.  I have a lot of trouble with New Year's resolutions and goals because I don't see it as the beginning of things; it's the middle.

Which is why I gave up Emily Ley planner last week and bought a cute, convenient, portable one from Target for $8.

I preferred my previous Erin Condren planners when it came to functionality (compared to the Simplified Planner) but those things were way too bulky.  I'm trying to legitimately simplify and make things easier on myself these days (not just buy a planner with "simple" in the title and think that automatically makes my life easier).  Concerning planners, I was happiest in college and just out of college when I had truly simple planners, so back to basics.

Anyway, I learned a few things about myself this summer.

1. I like new stuff.  Each August, I want a fresh start.  This year I got a new bag (instead of a new purse because I don't really have my eye on a purse at the moment anyway), a new water bottle (because you all were right and that Camelbak one leaks), and a new planner.  Also, new pens, new lipstick, new nail polish.  And $$$ worth of stuff from the Gap that Scott hasn't mentioned seeing yet, so I'm just thinking he might not notice.

2.  I need a job.  I can't stay home.  I tried this once before and it didn't work.  I've been bored and directionless for a chunk of the summer, to be honest.  It's nice to have a place to go every day, even if I do have to drive 30 minutes to get there and pack a lunch and leave the house at 7am (doesn't that seem, like, really early?). I've tossed around the idea of not working or doing something else so many times because staying current in this field is hard when you move from state to state (spoiler alert: Colorado might be it for us).  Truthfully, I don't need a summer vacation.  I need a couple of months to regroup and realize just how much I do like going to work each day.

So my goal this month is to just enjoy it.

from the book 10% Happier... by Dan Harris


  1. I always think of September as a beginning for many reasons. I think I'm conditioned from school. That's when I want all new things and when I want to start doing and making all new things.

    I leave at 7 and get home at 6. I've been doing that for seven years now and it just in the past year started to seem not that early.

  2. I love the Target planner, it's perfect!

  3. I love non-fancy planners. They are always exactly what I need.

    I need a job, too. When I work, I'm much better with time management, I'm more productive, I feel better, and I'm a better mom/wife/dog mom/friend/etc. There's no shame at all in admitting you like to work (even if, sometimes, as women, we're taught to believe that staying home is better. Nope. Not for all of us).

  4. Yay for new things, especially planners and pens. There's just something refreshing about it all!!


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