April 16, 2015

Pre-blog Stuff and Things: The St. Louis City Museum

Sometimes making a list of Stuff and Things is more taxing than actually writing about something.

Ha ha.  "Taxing".  Get it?

I would like to throw in that this marks the very first year Scott and I have gotten anything back regarding a tax return.  In the past we've owed money.  This is where my having a job comes back to bite us.  Sure, we have my salary, but since tax laws vary from state to state, we usually have had to pay back what I owe and then that nullifies any return he would get.  This return might be splurged on a vacation.


This week, the reading textbook at school has a non-fiction article on The City Museum in St. Louis.  This prompted me to dig through my pictures to show the students that I'd been there.  Since this was part of my pre-blog life, I don't believe they ever appeared here.

At the end of May 2009, Scott and I got married in a quick ceremony in Pennsylvania and he immediately flew out to Missouri to begin training at Ft. Leonard-Wood.  Since we knew we were moving to Alaska in the fall, I needed to file all the paperwork to become an army dependent.  In reality, this was also my introduction to the army and I could write an entire book on the experience.  Of course, we found ourselves moving back to Ft. Leonard-Wood exactly 4 years later, but you already know all of that.

For the 4th of July weekend in 2009, we went to St. Louis.  We did Six Flags, the zoo, Steak and Shake (twice), and The City Museum.  We agreed that it was perfect for kids, adults, or anyone interested in just about anything.  It was packed on July 4th, but was only $12/person to get in (we were quite poor at the time so that was important) and it was an all-day activity.  I HIGHLY recommend a trip to The City Museum if you are anywhere near St. Louis.

Brown hair and a tan.  Different, right?

A delightfully rainy, humid Missouri day.

It's interesting how things come full-circle, right? Almost 6 years later, reading about the place in a textbook and all. 


  1. Yay for a tax return!!! And St Louis is definitely on my list of cities Id like to visit. I've heard it's great for families. 😊

  2. When we were PCSing to and from Ft. Sill, OK, we spent the night in St. Louis. We didn't make it to the museum but both times we were there, it was raining really hard too! Haha.

  3. Ugh you are the cutest ever! I love your "pre blog" posts!! This was the first year in a while that we don't owe a painful amount. I don't really understand how it all happened, but it's actually a manageable amount and not one that makes me cry in a corner for half a day.

  4. You look like a baby!

    I've never been to St. Louis.

    Congrats on the return. I vote for vacation.

  5. Now I'm curious, what reading had our beloved City Museum in it? I haven't been in a few years, I don't think Keith has been at all, so maybe we need to go visit!

  6. A tax return would be nice! I second spending it on a holiday. Somewhere with really good museums :-)

  7. I took the kids to the City Museum when we went home last summer. My youngest had never been and the oldest didn't remember going. We all had a blast. I love that place. I did a post on too. Maybe we'll go back this summer when we are up there so the husband can go, but then again he might not like the first floor with all the darkness and hiding places.

  8. I am all about museums, this looks awesome!


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