November 13, 2014

Stuff and Things 11/13

+Who watched Sunday's Homeland?  Stupid Homeland.  Within 45 seconds, all my hopes had hit the ceiling and my jaw had dropped…and then it was ripped out from under me.  Also, Scott watched it before I did and he let me go along with that ending, insinuating that it was indeed what it appeared to be.  Ridiculous. I've never been so let down before.  Except during the Dexter finale, maybe.  That was pretty awful. 

+I decided to finally update my Goodreads account the other day because I do need a tracking system of sorts.  I added all the books I've read this year and rated them.  I also got sucked into reading Divergent reviews because Divergent was one of those books I started and never finished.  There were some particularly intriguing one-star reviews.  Give it a go.  Kept me busy for awhile.

+I have 5 more books to go before the year's up.  I've been cruising Amazon looking for some recommendations and I keep stumbling upon The Best Yes.  Apparently it's the new "it" book in the Christian circles.  However, the description says it's about how to say yes to God and not feel obligated to say yes to everyone else.  I'm not a "yes-person".  I don't feel the need to be a people-pleaser at all.  If anything, I'm a "no-gal".  Let's start that as a hashtag, okay?  #nopersonnotayesman….Therefore, I probably won't be reading this book.  I did read one of the author's other books once and it was okay.

+I don't really want to admit to this, but here goes:  I've watched like 30 episodes of Revenge since last Friday.  I know I said that it's one of those shows I don't watch and don't care to watch, but I started back in 2011 and was enthralled with the first few episodes.  Then I lost interest and never regained it.  Also, I have trouble watching shows from week to week.  Especially network shows where there's 2-6 week breaks between new episodes sometimes.  Interest = lost in that case.  I picked it up again because Hostages was over and I was bored. Anyway, can I say that I cried when she had to give up the puppy when her dad was arrested?  It was terrible.  And then, farther into the first season, when he winds up on Emily's porch?  I was in ugly tears.
If my dogs ever die, I think I will too.  That's what I took away from Revenge.  Sorry for the spoiler, but that episode is like 3 years old.
Anywho, it's like Gossip Girl with guns.  Going back to my plebeian lifestyle on Monday was rough.  

+While we're crying together, here's a sob story…I started crafting a Thanksgiving menu and realized it's just me and Scott.  No guests.  Because we don't really have any friends here.  People are weird about being friends and hanging out when you live 30 minutes outside of town.  Scott always talks about how awesome our kitchen is going to be (and man, it really already is) and I'm like, "Yep, we'll get to enjoy it all by ourselves".  It seems like we always had people at our house in Missouri.  I got used to that.

…who wants to visit Colorado?

+I started my Christmas shopping over the weekend.  It's so tricky because Scott's birthday, my mom's birthday, and my mother-in-law's birthday all fall within the month before Christmas.  Plus, I've got to get everything in the mail this year.  Too much to do….

+Blog-posting has been a little off this week, I suppose.  It's cold and snowy here and I'm just worn out.  Maybe I'll be back at it next week.  Weekends can be just as stressful as the weekdays because I feel like there's so much to accomplish.  However, I could possibly whine all day about weather, and work, and…whatnot.  So, I won't.
Here's to Thursday!  
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  1. Colorado is on my to-visit list. Mainly because I want to stay at a lodge... even though I don't ski. My birthday is the day after thanksgiving, K's is the 9th of December, my step-dad's is the 15th of December, and then there's Christmas... I feel your pain.

  2. It's true that people don't necessarily want to come over all that much when you live far out of town. We definitely ran into that when we lived in the boondocks and all of our friends lived downtown. The half hour drive seemed normal to us because we did it all the time but they would complain!

  3. People are freaking weird about driving an extra 10 minutes. Lame. I say host a friendsgiving and tell them all they can sleep over.

    I'll be near Colorado next year, but not in it. I've never been.

  4. Hi! First time commenting but I've been reading for a while :) Love your writing!!

    We just moved from AZ to NC and this will be our first Thanksgiving by ourselves, too (well, and our 2-year-old and 1-year-old lol). It's definitely going to be different, but we're going to go all out and make the meal of a lifetime! I'm excited! We're hoping we'll be able to fly home for future Thanksgivings but this year it just wasn't in the budget.

    Hope you have a great day today!!


  5. I predict we'll be in Colorado next year...for a wedding...but we'll see ;)

  6. If I ever come to Colorado, I demand to stay at your place and have a fancy meal in your fancy kitchen ;) But I feel you on the no guests, we rarely have people over - my husband has a few friends and I have like 3 that I would have in my house - the consequences of moving across the world, sigh. I am not very good at watching shows weekly either, I normally binge watch a season and then forget about it till the next season is over haha. of course, this doesnt include Doctor Who.

  7. First time here - and I feel so very welcome! *smiles*

    You had me tearing up when you said you had no one close to come to your turkey day. In my head - where is she? And then you said Colorado. It's like you knew people where going to ask!

    I'm in NY!

    Can't wait to read more!

  8. I'd be there lickity split! I'd love to spend thanksgiving all together. J and Scott would get along wonderfully, I imagine. And we can cry over the dogs together. Could Bailey come? In other news, it's just me and J for Thanksgiving here, too, but we do that sort of intentionally. After all the craziness with the MIL and traveling and what just didn't seem worth it. I'd love to have friends join us but they're all too new to married life and still feel the need to marathon through the holidays with all the parents. Someday, someday, they'll see the light. So all that food and just the two of us.

  9. I understand the Thanksgiving thing! We usually escape to Juneau, as you know, but this year it's just the two of us. Actually, I just realized I'll probably get roped into dinner with the in-laws. Great.

    Also, I literally just started watching Revenge this week. I've only gotten through the first episode but I'm rather intrigued.

  10. I am excited for it to be just us this year for Thanksgiving, we had friends over last year and it was a disaster.

  11. People are weird about Thanksgiving. There was one year that we were going to have to do it ourselves and I was actually looking forward to it. I feel like it would be a little lonely but less stressful.

    Revenge never interested me. I tried with one or two episodes and I didn't like it.

  12. I really liked Revenge in the beginning and then became bored, but I think Netflix kind of ruined network tv for me, lol. I may have to give it another shot! I am in the process of planning our Thanksgiving menu! But we just have our in-laws over, it's nice and i like doing it, but I'd love to host a dinner with friends, someday.

  13. I've spent way too much time reading book reviews of certain books too-- some of the one star reviews usually can be pretty entertaining for sure! I've never heard of The Best Yes, but it's definitely a problem I have from time to time so I'm going to have to check it out.

  14. I want to visit Colorado!

    This week has been weird. It was in the 60s on Tuesday, and it's been low 30s today. I'm confused.


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