November 11, 2014

Duck Hunting

I could call this "Duck Hunting Part XXII" or something because Scott goes duck hunting a lot.  This is the first time I went though.  It's not that I don't want to spend this time with him and the dogs.  I just usually have several things to accomplish on the weekends.  It's hard to justify sitting in the woods all day, when it'll end up stressing me out in the long run.  The best part about being outdoors, I maintain, is going back indoors. Thankfully, he doesn't usually go hunting all day.  Ducks only "fly" at sunrise and sunset.  So he'll either get up at 3am and be home by lunch or leave in the afternoon and be back late.  On this day, Scott had just come back from 30 days away, so I figured it'd be in my best interest to participate in the outing.  Plus, an ice cream stop was promised for the way home.

On the way to the Arkansas River, I introduced Scott to Serial.  

If you are not listening to this, I'm not sure what you're actually doing with your life.  We have so many theories about what is going on here.  I'm trying to get a new hashtag going:  #SketchyJay

Anyway, 2 hours later…

See, I was there. 

Chewing on sticks…

…and digging holes.

I have no pictures of the dogs from the front because they would not stop moving.  Also, 30 minutes into it, I was bored and almost fell asleep on my little stool.

The end.  


  1. I'm hooked on serial! I would be completely on board with your sketchy jay hashtag if I were on social media. He's not exactly the best witness around, but I have noticed that each week I waver a bit in my thoughts about adnan's guilt/innocence. I just wish that it could be tied up in a neat bow like on tv because I can't bear the thought of not knowing the truth in the end!

  2. I STILL haven't listened to serial. I honestly just don't have any free time to get sucked into something! Maybe I'll listen on Friday when I'm on my way to Raleigh. If I get hooked, I'm blaming you for my next book being delayed. Also I'm totally impressed that you went duck hunting!

  3. I just heard about Serial yesterday. I need to get on it.

    Great pics! ... But was there ice cream?

  4. I've been listening to Serial on your recommendation and while I'm thoroughly enjoying it, I think I need to find time to listen when I'm not at work. I get distracted and can't pay attention and then when I tune back in I'm lost, haha.

    I think you've fulfilled your annual outdoor outing commitment, wouldn't you say?

  5. I can't seem to find doesn't come up in a search...?


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