October 11, 2014

Weekend reading

Looking through my enormous reading list, I often find things I keep meaning to share but just haven't. I've been storing some of these away for 6 months.  These topics are random and many have nothing to do with any others.  If I've already shared some, I apologize.  Too much going on these days.  You know how it is.

Is Advocare healthy?  I know a ton of folks on the Advocare train.  This kinda sums up my thoughts on it.  I don't proclaim to be an expert, but Scott tried it last year so I'm pretty familiar with how it's supposed to work.

A ranking of Disney channel original movies.  I agree with number one.

Why are your $68 shorts from Stitchfix only $25 at Nordstrom rack?  This cemented my decision to not reinstate my Stitchfix subscription.  Think what you could buy at a J.Crew outlet or something with that money you're spending…

Do you have a Fad Name?  This was fascinating.  I have a witch's hat name.

Problems of the directionally-challenged.  That would be me.  I turn my phone in the proper direction so I can orient myself with Google Maps and I lose my car in parking lots often.  

Things you'll find at every basic girl's house.  Proudly, I'm not guilty of a lot of these.  Just #14 through #18.  

A warning to young people to not become teachers.  I love my job.  But I could give you a list of 100-plus things I am dissatisfied with.  How can I still love a job like that?  I don't know. We are what we are, right?  I'd have a hard time recommending this career to an 18 year old.  

A post on why someone would choose not to adopt a dog.  Neither of our dogs are rescues and I never thought about that much.  Obviously we have our reasons for buying 6 and 8 week old puppies, but I never thought people would attack others over the fact that they didn't rescue their pet.  

Guilt getting in the way of health.  This article speaks to the way I've felt over the last year.  I'm working on a post.  Robin just writes so eloquently though, don't you think?

Let the 3 day weekend commence!  I was given a gift card to a salon, so I'm off to get my hair cut.  And then the painting of the house continues.  I'm working with some yellows today.


  1. There are some great reads here. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just love it when my alumni association calls to ask me for money then asks if I want to be a mentor for students in the education dept. Finally they ask if I would recommend being a teacher and its like yes BUT you won't necessarily find a job, enjoy it to its fullest, etc.

  3. These are definitely awesome reads! Enjoy your time at the salon. Have a great weekend. :)

  4. I have never related to a buzzfeed article more than I did to that directionally challenged one.

  5. I find the name one to be interesting!! I was the only Kristin in my graduating class in HS.

  6. My name definitely isn't a trend one--it's been halfway-common forever...
    My little sister's in her Junior year getting an education degree right now and ever teacher she talks to says don't do it. She plans to teach outside the USA, though, which eliminates some of the downsides, weirdly.

  7. It was like that direction article was talking about me. I can never find my car. EVER.

    Love the list of movies. Totally using it to find new stuff for Jordan!

  8. I searched the Disney Channel movies list for Tru Confessions, because I absolutely WEPT at that movie. Real ugly cry stuff going on. It would probably rank as my #1, though Cadet Kelly is a strong contender.

  9. That is EXACTLY how I feel about teaching. I don't know that I could send a young person out in to this career right now. That is a sad, sad statement.

  10. There were so many great links in this post! I loved that Disney movie list, though in my many years of disney watching I don't think I ever made it to the end of Zenon, I did LOVE Cadet Kelly though. The warning not to become a teacher was incredibly well argued- it's so scary to consider how undervalued education is and how mistreated teachers are as a result.

  11. That Buzzfeed article is made of win.


  12. That Stitch Fix doesn't please me and makes me want to cancel.

    It pisses me off when people get rabid about adoption of rescues. It doesn't suit everyone. Period.


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