October 9, 2014

Stuff and Things 10/9

Okay, this week is the tribute edition of Stuff and Things.  Again, thanks Rick.

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On a serious note, I think we all need to take a minute (or a weekend) and watch the first 2 seasons of The Walking Dead.  Think about the direction our country is headed, the enterovirus, and the ebola virus.  I admit that I'm not really educated on these subjects because I spend my days obsessing over one of our country's other most debatable topics (Common Core), but I can see a pattern when it forms and I think we need to recognize when real life starts to parallel fiction.  This is probably how things started for Rick and company…

Does this make me sound like a conspiracy theorist?

On a less serious note, a few of my students were discussing The Walking Dead with me.  This generally happens every year and I truly wonder where their parents are.  We also had a fairy-tale-themed story two weeks ago and we ended up discussing Once Upon a Time.  I told them to "Set your DVRs!  Frozen is coming!" and I swear I did not tell them this for The Walking Dead.  I try to ignore them when they bring up stuff they shouldn't be watching.  

In other, first-world daily news…

Jeggings: JCPenney // Dress: Banana Republic // Jacket:  T.J. Maxx // Scarf: Target // Flats: Blowfish

+I like legging season.  Still too warm for real pants everyday.  I hate pants.

+I had an iced Americano from Starbucks last weekend and it was the best. thing. ever.  The perfect blend of absolutely strong espresso and slightly sweet creaminess.  I used a tablespoon or so of cream and two packets of sugar.  I found my new go-to.  It's also about 200 calories less and $3 less than my previous go-to.  This is a major victory.

+How do you do storage on your phone?  I'm being "told" that I don't have enough room for iCloud back-up.  Obviously, I'm illiterate at these kinds of things, so a step-by-step guide would be appreciated.  Preferably with pictures and captions.

+Next week is The Great Pumpkin Swap link-up!  Hopefully everyone has sent and received their swap packages by now.  If there are any problems, please let me or Becky know! See you here and at Rebeckann's Random Thoughts on October 17th (next Friday)!


  1. I hear ya in the walking dead thing with your kids. I work with 7th graders, and they talk about movies and sing songs that they should NOT be familiar with (I'm an adult, and as a Christian there are things I think even an adult shouldn't be familiar with!), but here are these little pre-teens singing some dumb Nikki Minaj baby got back rip off. Parents are apparently oblivious or stupid.

  2. I always wonder (read: slightly judge) when I hear about kids watching adult things like it's no big deal. I kind of had free reign over what I watched as a kid and I kind of hate that I did. I saw things and heard things that took away my innocence (that, and I had WAY older siblings).

    On a lighter note...yay leggings!

  3. I do like their iced americano! It's good.

  4. I meant to email you back on the other comment however maybe go into the cloud and delete stuff yourself. I do that on occasion and it gives you more room. However if that doesn't work, you have to buy more!

  5. I am often disturbed by the things parents let their children watch. Isaiah and I went to see Annabelle in the theater last weekend - an R rated horror movie that was actually pretty scary - and the section we were in was literally PACKED with kids who I know are about 13-14 years old, and some of their younger siblings, ages about 8-9. I mean, there was like 30 of them. Like a school field trip to see a horror movie or something. And I didn't see a single adult with them, which makes me wonder how they even got in to see a movie like that. Behind us, a mother brought her 2 kids, and one of them was begging to go home throughout half the movie.

    I also had a friend/coworker once who thought it was hilarious that her 3 daughters, ages 2, 4 and 7, liked to watch the SAW movies with her. She was proud that her 4 year old thought it was hilarious when people were bleeding.


  6. When I taught first grade, I was horrified when students were talking about watching Family Guy. I do the deaf act when I hear 6th graders talking about things that they watch...

    I'm pretty sure we've discussed how much I love leggings. :)

    Excited for the swap reveal next week!!


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