September 11, 2014

Stuff and Things 9/11

Sweater: Loft // Pants:  Gap

+I bought these pants online from the Gap clearance selection back in June or July.  I guessed at the size and they fit perfectly.  I'm pretty proud of this.  Modern Boot Fit.

+I was concentrating really hard in that picture on making sure that Jett didn't jump on me like he did last week.

+Last weekend was an absolute waste.  On Saturday, I came down with a sinus headache and spent most of the evening laying in bed.  I never get headaches.  Maybe once a month or every six weeks.  So when I do, I load up on medicine.  Tylenol wasn't even helping.  On Sunday, because we needed some things from the store, I went to SuperTarget and loaded up on Mucinex.  Other than that, I watched lots of reruns.  And I graded a lot of papers.

+Scott had a fabulously productive weekend.  He finished the living room floor and most of the fence.  I painted some trim.  And I steam-mopped.  I also read a terribly sad story about a dog and it seriously ruined my whole day.  I'm so glad the blogger wrote it because it was absolutely beautiful, but still…ruined my day.

+Do you know why I usually don't blog on Wednesdays?  I used to.  Now, I find that I don't have the time to crank out a quality post (yes, this right here is "quality") or enough to say to fill 5 days worth of posts.  Sometimes I do, but not usually.

+No Starbucks in September is going well enough.  Scott came home talking about the "best Americano EVER, Kristin!" and I was all, "Grrr…" because I've been meaning to try an Americano forever and I didn't get around to it.  October 1st.  Plus, our friends sent me a gift card to Starbucks.  (Okay, "us".  They sent it to us…)

+Last week, the powers that be of the State of Colorado granted me my Professional teaching license.  They took my previous experience into account.  Thank the Good Lord. Otherwise, I would've had an Initial license and then you have to complete classes and mentor programs and meetings (that I'd previously been scheduled to go to).  Again: ThanktheGood Lord.

+Speaking of…no matter what I do, I can't get ahead at school.  I've never had to bring so much stuff home before.  I'm hoping this gets better.  I tell myself that for the 3rd time in 5 years I'm a first-year-teacher again.  It'll get better, right?

+It's September 11th again.  It's really odd to teach elementary school on September 11th.  I know they call it Patriot Day now, but to spend the day with kids who weren't around in 2001 is odd. They always love to ask questions about it and it's really hard to know what to say. I don't want to draw any comparisons (so I won't) but our generation could never appreciate events that happened before our time, and the kids who were born in 2005 have a hard time understanding September 11th.  My 4th graders were born in 2005.  The "where were you/how old were you?" question usually comes up and I tell them I was in 10th grade, in drivers' ed class, just a few hours from where one of the planes crashed in Pennsylvania.  They always tell me their parents' renditions of what happened.  A few years ago, a girl told me her mom was at the hospital, having a baby appointment when she first saw it on the news and she (the girl) was born just a few days later.


  1. Hope you have a much better weekend this weekend!
    I love your outfit. The pants are great and so is that top!!

  2. I will never forget a minute of that day. It's hard for me to think about without getting teary and I don't get teary over a ton of stuff. I imagine it would be hard to teach it...or weird at least.

    When I get a sinus headache the only thing that will work is tension headache meds. I want to try essential oils for it but a byproduct of my general use of essential oils has sort of removed a lot of my sinus issues in the first place. Miracle. LOL

  3. I can imagine it's hard to know what to say to the kids--what's enough info--what's too much? It's a hard balance I'm sure. I think I'm coming down with whatever you just described. I have been gogogo the last several days with very little sleep and I would just appreciate a day to sit in bed and read a book. I don't think that'll be today though.

  4. Good work on your no Starbucks month! I absolutely love your outfit today. And yes, I know exactly what you mean about these kids not even being alive then - it's so weird. I mean, I was only in 7th grade (yes, I'm a baby lol), but I still remember that whole afternoon (no one told us until the end of the school day) so well.

  5. Good job on the no Starbucks!! :)

  6. No Starbucks September is going well for me, too. ;)

    Congrats on the teaching license!

    I didn't even know it was called Patriot Day now until I read your blog this morning. Way to be up on the times, Angi. But yeah, that would be surreal teaching that bit of history (I guess it's technically history now!) to kids who weren't even alive. I had just graduated high school and I was at work when we all heard.

  7. Right after Wells was born, I stopped blogging 5 days a week. Sometimes I go back and read previous posts and wonder how I even came up with 5 days worth of content. I like my schedule much more now!

    Hope you had a restful and headache free weekend this time around

  8. I know, it's so strange every year. Do we talk about it? Don't we? I kind of wish there was some sort of national thing on 9/11. It would make it easier to talk about it with the kids!


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