September 13, 2014

A tasty sugary drink

I would've blogged this yesterday if I had been on top of things…

My doctor wanted to see if any of the issues I've had in the last year or so have been caused by a metabolic disorder.  She suggested an insulin and glucose test.  I've had my insulin tested before but never with the glucose test.  This meant I got to take this morning off work, drive to the Air Force Academy at 6am and have "fasting" bloodwork done at 7:00 when the lab opened.

It was snowing when I got there which was fabulous because it's September and I thought I'd left Alaska awhile back.  I did the math (okay, not really) and figured out that I've spent more of my adult life in snow than out of snow.

Then, I got to down the "glucose drink".  I was kind of nervous about this because I'd heard about it before and there was an awful lot of it for me to drink and it was pretty early in the morning.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was tasty!  Like, I enjoyed it.  Is THIS what the pregnant ladies always complain about?  It was the best part of the first few hours of my day considering that, after my 5am wake-up call, I got to sit in a waiting room and grade papers while I waited 2 hours for the glucose to settle (or whatever it does).  

Not gonna lie: I'd drink it again.

Then I treated myself to breakfast at Panera and it was fabulous.

Then I went back to school and the chaos and permanent headache ensued.  

Actually, I shouldn't say that.  I like my schedule and I like my kids.  I….like my schedule and I like my kids.  A lot of my coworkers are pretty fabulous too.  

Oh, and a book recommendation:  Adam Carolla's In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks.  I read some of this in the waiting room and I'm pretty sure everyone around thought I was seizing because that's how funny it was.  Don't read it if you're easily offended.  He's a middle-aged white man who tells the truth.  I appreciate that.  

And I did some Bath and Body Works online shopping last week.  

Maybe a regular blogging schedule will resume next week. We can only hope, right?


  1. When you're pregnant they make you drink that stuff for the glucose test and everyone always goes on about how nasty it was. I kinda liked it both times. I'm glad it wasn't just me.

  2. Good luck with the test. BTW I love the AFA, esp the views and snow on the ground while there :)

  3. I didn't hate my glucose drink at all. It's like a flat orange soda. Hope you get an answer from all this testing!

  4. I didn't mind the first half of the glucose test drink, but after that, it sort of made me want to barf. It's not that it's gross; I think when one is pregnant so many things are barf-inducing, even things that normally wouldn't be.

    I used to get nauseous watching commercials with food in them. Just watching them! I couldn't even watch my beloved Food Network as much as I normally do because watching them mix certain foods and hearing certain food noises made me feel like puking. Any commercial that contained meat was the worst! I could barely stomach coffee the whole time I was pregnant, too, and I LOVE coffee. Pregnancy does weird things to one's body. Very weird things.

    I never had morning sickness, and I did not vomit even once the whole time I was pregnant (I was very lucky), but I was nauseated easily. I think that is why most pregnant women hate the glucose test solution. The actual taste is not horrible; the cloying sweetness, though, just got to be a bit much after a while, especially on an empty stomach. The actual taste, though, was surprisingly delightful (especially considering how most things one has to ingest at/for a doctor's appointment are not pleasant at all)!

  5. I liked my glucose drink... My issue was having to chug it in five minutes! That was the barf inducing part. It tasted like Gatorade to me!

  6. From my impression of pregnant people nearly everything can be considered gross at that time of life...but I am definitely surprised to hear that you were impressed with the taste of the infamous glucose drink!

  7. thinking about you as you get the results for that test. It's never a settling feeling having your sugars tested. I'll admit, my insides cried a little at your Panera breakfast. I miss sunday mornings, grabbing my laptop and heading out for breakfast somewhere (panera, starbucks, something)--but NONE of the coffee shops (and by none I mean the one that we have here) doesn't serve any food. Like, not even bagels and cream cheese. What is this madness?

  8. I really liked that drink too, when I was pregnant. It was like Orange Soda. Reminded me of childhood. I hope the tests come out okay!

  9. I gotta tell you, I cannot imagine why you like that drink. I've drank it 3 times now and even the thought of it still makes me cringe LOL! I guess it's a good thing you didn't mind it though!

    Where are you that it's snowing? That is insanity. I'm still declaring it Summer around here although it does feel a bit more like Fall!

  10. Any test results?

    Love the last pic with Jett.


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