June 5, 2014

Stuff and Things 6/5

Thank you all for the well wishes on my new job!  I'm pretty thrilled to be able to slide right into a teaching position and, hopefully, feel at home in my new state.

I'm very much looking forward to moving out of my empty, desolate house so I can do something other than sit on the floor and watch Gossip Girl.  Kind of.  I think.  Last weekend consisted of me, seasons 4 and 5, and an economy sized bottle of Yellowtail.  I've never rooted for a couple as much as I have for Blair and Chuck.  Not even Tim Riggins and Lila Garrity.

Dumbest question ever.  I busted through 30+ episodes in 4 days.

Anyway, this week's stuff and things is sparse.  Not just weak like last week, but sparse.

We've driven 12 hours in the last 2 days, visited wonderful friends, and Scout had a joint puppy birthday party.  A good time was had by all.

We saw the movie Neighbors on Monday night.  HILarious.  Go see it.  Rose Byrne was fantastic.

We've had 2 Panera picnics and a Papa John's hotel room delivery so far this week.  Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.  Undoubtedly more Panera.

There's a lot going through my head right now, so I think a lot of it deserves individual posts (like the pup party).  We are thisclose to being out of Missouri.  Soon, friends.


  1. I've avoided commenting on your Gossip Girl obsession to not seem like a crazed fangirl, but I love it. I've watched the final season three times I think- It's all so dramatic you can't turn away!

    We went to see Neighbours on the weekend as well, it was so well done. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was great!

    Last thought (I promise!) that dog birthday party picture is AMAZING. They are so cute together, and seriously how you got a picture of both of them not eating is impressive!!

    Hope the rest of your move goes well! Just think, soon you'll be in that big beautiful house!

  2. I liked Tim and Lyla WAY more than Tim and Tyra, but Matt and Julie were still my favorite. Next to Eric and Tami, of course. I have a slight FNL obsession...is it obvious?

    Good luck with the rest of your move!

  3. God I loved Tim and Lila. I wanted that to stick so badly.

    Chuck and Blair. My love for them will never die.

  4. Oh Chuck and Blair!! It was such an odd pairing in the beginning but they did it SO well!! I love that you've totally gotten sucked into the series! I'm considering re watching even though I have a lot of shows in my queue!

  5. Aww doggie birthday parties! What a cute idea!

  6. I'm meeting friends at Panera this weekend - can't wait!

    Puppy Party - OMGosh!! Adorable!

  7. The birthday party snap is ridiculously adorable! I hate the moving and in between phase...at least you're eating Panera and not McDonalds? LOL

  8. How many seasons of GG are there, anyway? I'm a few episodes into Season 2...and you're right. I'm starting to get really annoyed with Serena. Didn't think that would happen, she was the only sane/normal-ish/nice one there for a while...

    Uh, how come those cups say St. Louis Bread Co.? Is that an offshoot of Panera or something?

  9. I'm totally dying...that photo of Scout at the doggy bday party is adorable!


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