June 8, 2014

A PCS Story (Part 2)

Spot the moving truck

Last Sunday, Scott came back to Missouri from Colorado. You see, our move really started a week and a half ago when he came home with a Penske truck, loaded it up, and moved all the furniture to Colorado.  He was gone for 4 days and during that time I accomplished a lot of popcorn, wine, and Gossip Girl.

On Monday, the cleaning company came to look at the house and see what they would need to do later in the week.  We continued to pack and get all the stuff out of the house.  Then we gave up and went to the movies.  On Monday, I also started selling stuff on bookoo.com.  Have you tried it?  I got rid of some big things in 2 days.  The giant puppy pen we built, the Wii, barstools, mini-fridge, etc.

On Tuesday, we left at the crack of dawn for Tennessee.  Two couples we are friends with were just stationed there in the last few months (part of the reason why we wanted to go there). We decided to make one last trip east before we began our trek west.  We spent less than a whole day there, but we got to see everyone so it was a success!  We didn't go onto Ft. Campbell, but we really loved Clarksville and the surrounding area.  Maybe someday…

On Wednesday, we arrived back in Missouri in time to get a motel room (motels are so much easier than hotels when dogs are involved) and begin packing up the trailer.  Then we ate pizza at 10pm.

Thursday was hellish.  Packing-the-trailer-days always are.  Do you remember that leaving Alaska nonsense?   It was also drizzly and so humid that it was hard to breathe. My job was to cut the grass.  That was fine by me.  He was playing Tetris by loading the trailer.  I don't have the engineering brain for that.

I'm never moving again.  4 moves, 5 years.  And I don't get why we haven't learned our lesson yet.  
Actually, I did kind of learn this time.  We hired someone to clean the house for us.  As in, I didn't clean a thing for 3 weeks because I knew professionals would be taking care of it.  It was a giant weight off of our shoulders and worth every expensive penny.  

Proof of hard work.  I get approximately one blister a year.  
Also, raw and chapped.  From the hard work.

Scott left on Thursday afternoon, with the trailer and the dogs.  I was resigned to the motel for another night because I opted to be present for the rental inspection. 

On Friday, after a few last minute errands and an absolutely inspiring conversation with our property manager, I drove through the backwoods of Missouri for 4 hours and made my way into Kansas. 

Fun fact: this is the same motel we stayed at when we arrived in Missouri.  Why not, right?
Also, my Rav4 might be the best thing we ever bought.  

No landscape pictures because I was driving and all. Plus, it was all flat and whatnot.  I had my audiobooks to keep me company though.

Then I had Qdoba and a hotel room.  I chose my hotel based on the fact that there was a Starbucks down the street.

On Saturday, at 6am, I continued on my way. I made "really good time" (it's code), arriving at our new home around noon.

We have a 2.5 mile dirt driveway, but the nearest town is 20 minutes away and includes all I need, including a Starbucks drive-thru.

And outdoor seating.  I haven't seen something like this since I was in Los Angeles 3 years ago.  It's the little things that impress me.

Then we had Noodles and Company.  A day full of fun experiences!

So, that's the end of the Permanent Change of Station (PCS).  I thought maybe there'd be more installments to the story, but it went much more smoothly than expected.  Well, Scott expected a full-dity move to go well.  I look for doom and gloom around every corner.  We're here in Colorado for 3-4 years and who knows? Maybe even after that.  


  1. I'm glad you are in your new home now!!! :) I think we have decided that we will never do a full dity move haha. I would rather take a few broken items than deal with that myself. I handle all the move stuff anyway so the less I have to do the better. :)

  2. I'm glad that things went smoothly and you've arrived at your new home! :)

  3. I'm glad things went smoothly!

    But mostly I spent a lot of time staring at Jett in the tire and laughing. Love it.

  4. Glad you're in your new home!!! Have fun remodeling! :)

  5. Welcome to your new home! Enjoy exploring whenever you get the chance because Colorado is beautiful and there's always something to do. Let me know if you guys need exploring ideas!

  6. Yay you made it! Glad you're liking your new home so far. Starbucks!!!!!!!!!! But is there a TJ's???

  7. Yay for being at your new house!! That's a super long driveway - does it snow there, cuz I wouldn't want to shovel that lol. Also, Ive never heard of Noodle House but it looks delicious.

  8. Hurray for a much more permanent home and a move that went quite smoothly--even if it did take a LONG time. It must feel good to get settled in!

  9. You made it!! I can't wait for the remodel!

  10. I give you props for doing a DITY move. I don't think in a million years I'd want to do one. Of course, who knows, because I'd have to do a move in the same country first, and four moves later, that is yet to happen.

  11. Yaayy so glad you made it! I am so excited to keep up with you and see photos of the house!

  12. I'm glad everything went pretty smoothly! I'm also totally jealous of your starbucks and town! 20 minutes isn't hella close but it's better than an hour! We have a sneaky suspicion that we might be moving in november (oh, god). J was worried I'd have a reaction to the town we might move to (hint, it's where we went to college). I was like "are you kidding me? Moving from CLT to there might have been an adjustment. Moving from HERE to there is like winning the lottery! haha

  13. Woohoo!! Colorado!! I <3 Noodles and Company.

  14. What part of CO are you in? I've been to Boulder and loved it. So pretty! Must by kinda nice to know you can settle in one place for the next few years. 20 minutes from stores? That seems far to me. I only have to walk out my door and there is everyone on my street - city living at its best! :)

  15. Now I really want to come to Colorado. :) You need to plan a trip even further west.....


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