May 1, 2014

Stuff and Things 5/1

 Today, we have a Mad Men theme.  *Spoilers below…*

This is a terrific character analysis of Betty Draper.  I read it on my lunch break yesterday.  Because sometimes we just need to break with reality.  Her character, if nothing else, is very consistent.  She hasn't really evolved the way Don has (though, has he?).   She's just the same character in different situations.

I find it interesting that Don is the one we're rooting for now.  Megan seems kind out there this season.  I see her falling into the hippie universe of the early 1970s.  If she lives that long that is.  Remember last season's theory?

Peggy just makes me angry.  I don't know why she's so mean to Don.  I think she's letting her blind rage at Ted cloud all of her judgment.  

There's no need to be bitter toward Stan.  He could be your last chance at happiness, Margaret.  

Speaking of Don, I really, really wanted him to be like:  BUY ME OUT.  In the same way Walter White would say: SAY MY NAME.

Unfortunately, he appears to be desperate.  Or he has a plan.  Either way, that gif shows exactly how I look at 85% of the papers my students hand me.

Like, "Okay.  *longlongpause* Sit down."  (Can't solve all the world's problems, right?  It's been a long week.)

Are you watching?


  1. I hate Megan. I hope she goes away. If away is death, so be it.

    Peggy is pissing me off a lot. Re: Ted...get over it. She's acting like a total brat.

  2. I DIDN'T READ YOUR POST!! I DON'T LIKE THAT I DIDN'T READ YOUR POST!!! But I'm so afraid of mad men spoilers!! I'm only on season 4 so I skipped over it! Love you anyway though friend! And thanks for the warning :)

  3. I started watching Mad Men once...completely lost interest after about 2 seasons. I don't know why...

  4. I need to get back into watching this show!

  5. Love this post!! I agree with you on so many levels!

    Furthermore...WHY would Peggy just assume those flowers were for her anyway?! I really used to like her, but she's getting on my nerves.

    I think Megan is going to have a nervous breakdown and end up with the Hippies. I mean, she is in California after all....


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