February 23, 2014

Why you should never, ever shop at Tiffany & Co. (and funny stuffs)

The necklace Scott gave me for my birthday broke.  This is the email I ended up sending to Tiffany & Co. customer service last night.

I’m writing to say that I recently received a necklace from Tiffany & Co. as a birthday gift.  After wearing it, just daily, for a couple of weeks, the chain broke.  It didn’t snap, nothing in particular caused it to break; I just looked down and it was hanging loosely from my neck.  I’m actually lucky I didn’t lose it.
When I contacted Tiffany & Co. about a repair, I was told to send it in and it would be evaluated to see if repair was possible.  I paid $20 in shipping via UPS.  A week later, I received an email telling me it would/could be repaired for a fee of $41.69. 

We paid $___ for this necklace.  And a company like Tiffany & Co. can’t guarantee and/or repair their own work?  You charge extra for repair work?  I find that deplorable and shameful, as well as ridiculous.  It is companies like yours that we will refuse to do business with.  Previously, we’ve bought other jewelry from Tiffany & Co. and have found the purchases and service to be very satisfactory. After this experience, I can guarantee Tiffany & Co. that we will no longer be purchasing any products from your company.  I also will not hesitate to spread the word that a thought-to-be-reputable company, sadly, does not offer reputable service.

I'm annoyed, in case you can't tell.  I paid the money, but no more little blue boxes will be showing up for members of this household.  Feel free to spread the word.
Anyway…Friday night found me on Pinterest.

This is definitely the thought that goes through my head during ice dancing.

Fun fact: I went ice skating once and that was in college.  I couldn't walk for a week.  The shuffling motion killed my quads.  I remember hobbling around campus like it was yesterday…

Ah, it never gets old.

You try explaining to kids that the world isn't flat after looking at maps like this.  Globes, they understand.  The fact that a globe is the SAME EXACT thing as a map, they don't.



  1. Oh man, I'm so sorry about that problem with the Tiffany&Co. necklace! Bad customer service is so disappointing, because it seems normal that if you're a paying customer, you should be treated well. My latest company-oriented frustration is directed straight at United. Worst flying experience of my life...and I've flown a lot.
    And that map conversation is hilarious...

  2. That is so awful about your Tiffany's necklace - those things should have some sort of warranty on them... or Tiffany's should at least show a little bit of good will! I am cracking up after reading that map meme - Americans are the worst!! haha

  3. it is a shame that a company with such a reputable name doesn't stand behind their work and put quality into it. i am so sorry you had that experience!

  4. I hate learning that huge companies who have huge reputations can't suck it up and just give the kind of customer service that keeps people coming back. I a world full of social media--your customers are your BIGGEST marketing tool. Use them wisely. Even if we could afford the little blue boxes, I would never ever bother with them after this.

    I immediately shared the grocery cart road rage funny with J. That is just too dang funny.

  5. I've never bought anything from or done any business with Tiffany & Co. but it's really unfortunate that such a big-name company offers such poor customer service! Sorry you had to deal with that. :\

  6. I know you are nowhere near a Tiffany's to go in the store but I was always told that you could take the problem into the store and the'd replace it because you have proof you bought it. Interesting to know, I'll have to pass this along to my stepsister as she has a lot of Tiffany items.

  7. that would make me SOOO mad! they should fix is for free!

  8. That's really sad to hear about Tiffany's. You would think that a company that sells such expensive jewelry would have a warranty that comes with the pieces at the very least!

    I agree. That Twilight/Harry Potter pic never gets old!

    And I do the same thing before bed....except it's always my iPad and then my iPhone. Hehe

  9. Boo on them, that is ridiculous!

  10. The repair cost sucks. Sorry that happened to you.

  11. How annoying! For as expensive as they are they should fix it free!!


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