February 17, 2014


Does the idea of writing weekend recap posts make anyone else feel like this?

Just me?

Oh, okay.  

I know my weekends aren't very exciting.  

[I had to say "treat" in a high-pitched voice to get him to cock his head like that. #professionalpetphotographer]

Here's a few things we did this weekend…

We ate an entire pan of chicken in the form of lettuce wraps.  I used this recipe but I did change it a bit. Maybe someday I'll tell you my secret ingredient.

I went to Aldi and got all this for $24.  

I am working on really budgeting these days since we are planning to buy a house soon.
The pinot is unnecessary and just for fun. Who can resist $3 bottles of wine?  

The best salads ever.  BBQ chicken, avocado, and honey mustard dressing.

The weekend weather forecast was a lie.  It was sleeting and hailing on Saturday.  Sunday wasn't much better. When the weather's gross, I just sit on the couch all day.  It was a lazy weekend.

Scott asked me if I knew anything about chemistry because he needed a second opinion on a problem.

It was then that I had to admit that when I took my entrance exams at Penn State, I scored so low on the science portion that I was told I'd have to take REMEDIAL chemistry if I ever needed/wanted to take basic chemistry for real credits.

But since I'm actually pretty good at algebra, I was able to understand that problem after he explained it to me.

And that was Saturday night.  Told you my weekends weren't very exciting.


  1. Those salads and the lettuce wrap have me craving lunch at 9:41 AM! Thanks for that. I LOVE ALDI! I swear to you there would be times when J and I would have starved because our budget was so low if it hadn't been for aldi. I am forever loyal to them. Plus--I don't hate their food. I've never had anything from there that left me saying 'ew--never again." My weekly bottle of wine comes from there-and I drink it with dignity every week! haha!

  2. I get so much enjoyment out of budgeting haha, it's sad really.

  3. My weekends are always the same but I do the weekend wrap basically for me. I've always been that weirdo who likes to look back in her planner to see what she was doing a year ago.

    I love Aldi. It rules for produce.

  4. I stopped doing weekend recaps after I realized that 2 of the posts I wrote each week were recaps. If anything noteworthy happens over the weekend, I just stick it in the next week's post. Scout is so cute!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  5. We had an Aldi where I went to college. You gotta love cheap groceries. We got one here in Altoona, but I've never been there.

    That weather sucks. We're supposed to get another 2-6 inches of snow here. My town has put alternating parking in effect so they can clear one side of the road at a time. Oh joy.

    I've also decided that since I've had to shovel two days in a row that I don't need to work out. :-p

  6. Aldi is the best. That's where we shop although they don't have everything, I love their prices. And I really, really loved chemistry and physics....the feeling of completing a problem that took two pages of equations to finish...that was awesome. I took both AP Chemistry and AP Physics in high school...and then went on to be a language major in college that only required one science class, which was a bio class.

  7. Not a bad haul from Aldi's - I've considered trying it but I always forget!

  8. All the food in here looks delicious!! I need to make those salads.

    And Scout is still adorable.

  9. I almost cried when I read that your groceries only cost $24.00.

    I bought almost the same amount of stuff the other day and it came to $85.


  10. $3 bottle of wine = a must buy! I think I can finally dip into my wine again, after almost a year and a half of no alcohol... the things ((good)) mothers do for their babies! :) The whole time I was pregnant and nursing people would say, "A little bit won't hurt," but seriously... HOW? WHY? If there's even the possibility that it could cause any complications... NO WAY! I love wine, but I love Liam more, so I didn't drink for his sake. Now, when he's a teenager, I may drink BECAUSE of him... just kidding... I hope! ;) He's a good baby, but if the mother's curse holds true, then we are DOOMED when he's older!


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