January 24, 2014

Stripes and spots

Dress: Express // Booties: Target // Scarf: Land's End

It is desperately time for me to get my act together.  I promise you that I've been wearing nice clothes to school.  Cute clothes.  Most days, I think I look pretty good.  In fact, I've accumulated practically a new wardrobe since moving to Missouri.  I have new stuff I haven't even shared with you!  I mean, I don't know WHY I don't take an outfit picture each day anymore.  The only excuse I have, truly, is pure laziness.  I hate my backyard.  I hate the way the sun shines in my eyes.  I hate that I can't find a good angle by propping the camera on the deck like I used to.  I hate the look Scott gives me when I say "….can you take a picture?…please?".  

And my skin and hair aren't exactly glowing after a day at school.  

Anyway, here's to getting back on the wagon.  

I'll start today with some stripes and spots.  Am I the only one who still randomly mixes patterns?  It's widely accepted in the blog world.  Does it apply to the I-live-in-the-midwest world?

See?  Everyone looks good in stripes and spots.

Collar: Wal-mart (I think) // Tags: Petco


  1. I mix patterns pretty much every day. Well, now that I'm noticing, I didn't today. But one of my favorite combos is either flowers + polka dots or flowers + stripes (flowers are usually in the form of a scarf).

    Fashion rules, fashion schmules.

  2. I'm horrible at mixing patterns. I usually text my sister to ask if it looks good first! Love Scout's fashion choices :)

  3. I'm bad at mixing patterns myself, but I know what looks good when I see it! This does! Stacey and Clinton always said that when you mix patterns, one needs to be less noticeable like your dots. :)

  4. I love scout. So does my husband. We have discussions about how we plan to snatch him up. We won't because I like you, but he's too cute for his own good :-D. Your outfit is adorable. I muss your outfit posts!!!

  5. Cute!! Brandon gets a grumpy face when I ask for my photo to be taken too. Men. They don't understand.


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