December 6, 2013

T.V. Friday

…Because we watch a lot of t.v. And because I like reading articles about my favorite t.v. shows, I'm linking some for your reading enjoyment.

But first.  Our Christmas card.

Stationery Card
View the entire collection of cards.

I had to pay a ridiculous amount of money for this thing (to be delivered to me a week before Christmas) because Wal-Mart-freaking-dot-com couldn't get their act together.

I don't even LIKE this card that much, but it cost me $43 for 20.  Whatever, Shutterfly.

 I'm realizing now that I completely forgot to book a private photo session on a beach somewhere for my little family at some point in the last 3 months.


Anyway.  T.V. Friday.


Let's start with The Walking Dead (Forbes article here).

The last few episodes have been putting me to sleep.  This past week, I was screaming at the t.v. Something along the lines of, "Get him, Michonne!".  

I was really happy the way that episode wrapped up.  I saw the Herschel thing coming just because someone had to die.  For real, no one had died since, like, September.  I thought that the Governor (oh, I'm sorry: Brian) seeing Meghan in her bitten state would bring him to his knees in tears and he'd realize the error of all his ways.  Apparently not.  

I also loved the way the little girl shot that chick point-blank.  Daryl and Tyrese should be grateful for the Children's Brigade that was so diligently trained by dear Carol.

As for Judith, I think the kids took her and left the carrier because it was too bulky to manage.  Was that a bloodstain on the inside? I couldn't tell…

This episode was the mid-season finale.  Hopefully the group can find a safe haven by February.

Homeland (Forbes article here.)

I kept asking Scott questions about IEDs and vehicles and whatnot.  He kept answering them.  

Carrie is such a wacko, but I really enjoy her.  Quinn is a jerk, but I enjoy him too.

Saul will never stop taking risks, apparently.

The end of the episode left us all (Scout included), shocked.

Only 2 more this year!

Masters of Sex 

I was surprised at how I got pulled into the storyline here.  I despised Lizzy Caplan on True Blood, so I had no intention of watching a show with her as the headliner…and really now, they've been advertising this show in previews for OVER a year.  A little overkill, in my opinion.

Since the story takes place in the 1950s, it's a little like Mad Men, if Mad Men were not on cable.  We've got a sweet Betty Draper (Libby Masters), a cold-hearted Don Draper who drinks not quite so much (Dr. Masters), and a Joan who looks like she's been at the gym every day for 6 years (Virginia Johnson).  There's 2 children (Viginia's kids…Henry and Tess?), a crazy ex (also Virginia's), and a lovesick good-looking doctor named Ethan (lovesick for Virginia, obviously).

It's a good thing I've gotten over my dislike of Lizzy Caplan.

Seriously, though, we love it and watch it at 10pm every Sunday night, which means I'm always very tired at 5:15am Monday morning when the alarm goes off.

(A review of last week's episode.)

Once Upon a Time

I know new episodes are on Sunday nights and I KNOW I'm 2 years too late to be hopping on this bandwagon.  I'm still on Season 2, so you won't find any spoilers here.  In fact, if you could refrain from posting your own spoilers, I'd appreciate that.  I've busted through almost 48 episodes in the last few weeks.  (I know you wonder how this is possible…our "us" time is usually spent on the couch, eating dinner, talking about whatever, with whatever t.v. show we're obsessed with playing in the background.)

I love this show, and I'm hopelessly addicted to it.  If it was a book, I'd never put it down.

(I'm not googling any articles because I don't know want to know the current state of affairs in Storybrooke.)


  1. We missed our beach photo session too...dang!

    But I guess we could get a snow one in today ;)

  2. As soon as I saw Once Upon a Time, I almost wanted to blab... I'll keep spoilers to myself.

    WOW - Shutterfly usually is reasonable for cards - that seems pricey... they're cute though!

  3. I like the card! I think it's cute. Have you tried Walgreens? I've heard good things about them this year...

    You know my Walking Dead tragedy...always a year behind...

    And I tried Once Upon a Time and was bored out of my mind. Maybe it gets better after the first 5 episodes?

  4. That's a mint for 20 cards!

    I always use Snapfish and buy in Oct or Nov when they run their 50% off sale.

    I am going to wait until Homeland ends then binge watch like I like to do.

  5. I looove Once Upon a Time. It is one of the few shows I watch in real time.

  6. I figured Scout would make it into the Christmas card! We've yet to ever send out photos because my parents include us in their family photos still, but we do send out cards. I finally remembered to get them in the mailbox today.

  7. I got my Christmas cards through Snapfish. I got 60 for $25. They were 60% off. I recommend them for the future! :)

  8. I also used Snapfish. Did you at least get your ebates with Shutterfly?

  9. Once Upon a Time is one of my favorite shows, I'm obsessed.

  10. I started watching once upon a time last year too, watched a lot at once and it was good. now I'm not that into it! hoping this season gets better!


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