December 8, 2013

3 1/2 day weekend

Thursday, we got out of school early because there was a potential of this:

Terrifying, right?

And that was hours after I got home from school. There was nothing on the ground when they made the call.

I spent the afternoon on the couch with a bag of tortilla chips and some Christmas movies.

Scott had been duck-hunting 3 hours north that day, so he called around 5, when it actually started getting bad out, to say there was an accident and he was stuck in traffic on our hill.  There is one paved way into our development and one way out.  Poor design.

He turned around, went back to the highway, got on the dirt-ish road that is, literally, the only other way into this place, and called again.  Another accident. Both accesses were blocked.

By this time it was pitch black, 15 degrees, and snow was actually coming down.

He went back the original way.  Only this time, traffic had backed up even farther, so he decided to park at the post office TWO miles away and walk home.  He did, with Scout and some dead ducks in tow.

He loves it.

The next afternoon, after the plows finally went by, we walked two miles to go pick up his truck at the post office (because my car was under half a foot of snow and we were feeling the cabin fever).

Hello snow boots.  It's been awhile.

Also on Friday, I planned to DO ALL THE STUFF.  Wrap, bake, grade, clean, exercise (maybe), and so on.

Instead, I ended up spending the ENTIRE day playing with a batch of sugar cookies.

And part of the day Saturday too.  A time manager I am not.  But this is the prettiest batch I've ever made, so it was worth it.

Onto Saturday…

Remember when I told you that Scott doesn't care for surprises?  He took offense to that.  While it's true that, to him, a gift is a gift, whether he buys it himself on December 8th or opens it on Christmas morning…to me, a gift is opened on Christmas morning.  Period. End of story.  No wiggle room.  Gifts this time of year are for on Christmas. 

Which explains why I wrapped up shirts I bought myself a few weeks ago in Christmas paper and wrote "To: Kristin, From: Santa" on the tag and stuck them under the tree.

Anyway.  The highlight of my 3 1/2 day weekend was our new car.

On Saturday morning, Scott told me he was going out to check the trapline with his friend.  This wasn't unusual.  He goes a few times a week and it always takes a couple of hours.  He wasn't back by noon and called to say the traps were frozen and it was taking longer than usual.  I felt really bad for him because his "plan" was to come home and do some maintenance on my car before went to potentially trade it in on Sunday.  His whole Saturday would be spent doing work (while I watched Christmas movies and baked cookies, obviously).

When he finally came home around 3, he asked me to help him move his motorcycle outside so he could work on the car.  He opened the garage door and there it was.  

The only reason I KNEW it was ours was because it had my Alaska plates on it.  Turns out, he'd been driving to Springfield all week to try and close this deal.  It was made more complicated by the fact that we were trading in my car and because we hate salesman and their incessant need to take advantage of customers (Scott coming home with the Rav4 = he won).

Scout's lucky I love him…a dog in my new car is practically blasphemous.

Merry Christmas to us!

Back to work tomorrow…9 1/2 more days…9 1/2 more days…Don't worry, I got my papers graded. Mostly.


  1. Those cookies are gorgeous! We actually got snow on Friday too. It hasn't been above freezing for a week or so and we finally got some moisture with it. We were already at school when it hit. I'm hoping for a delay in the morning ...

  2. Well I guess his shopping for you for christmas is over now, right? Yay for the car :)

  3. Yay for a new car! Love it. :)

  4. Your cookies came out better than mine would have! And congrats on your new car. Enjoy driving it!

  5. I love your new car!! So cool.

    It snowed here on Saturday, for about 10 minutes. I was freezing and couldn't feel any of my sticking out parts. I can't imagine that much snow...

  6. Love the car and those cookies look great!!!

  7. yeah for snow days and a new car!! and those cookies look so impressive! i've always wanted to make some like that!

  8. We got a lot of snow here! Well, a lot in my terms. It's been awhile since we've been around snow! I think this winter will have me wishing for a California winter! Those cookies are amazing! You did a great job. So exciting about your new car!

  9. Those cookies look amazing!!! Congrats on your Rav4 - looks sooo nice! 9 1/2 you can do it!!

  10. Your cookies look great! And what a fun surprise. Buying cars always takes so long that it's awesome you got to stay home instead!

  11. Bahahaha "snow days" hahahaha.

    The cookies are adorable!! Flooding cookies is something that looks like a ton of fun, but also a ton of work. Also I hate making cut out cookies because they're so time consuming. Or really, cookies in general most of the time...but yours are perfect!

    I think for my next vehicle I want a CR-V or equivalent. I've only heard good things about them and I'm tired of owning cars that always have something wrong with them.

  12. I love that he worked magic in secret for the car! That's awesome.

    Your cookies are beautiful.

  13. It really was so sweet of him to get you a new car without you knowing! :)

    We got out at 1:00 on Friday. It was one of the rare occasions where we actually got out before the bad weather hit. It was raining, but not freezing rain yet, so I was safely home and comfy before the weather arrived. Then we had a two-hour delay today. Also, the best one we've ever had because despite yesterday's snow followed by ice, the roads were actually clear and great to drive.

    An extra two hours of sleep and decent winter roads make me very happy on a Monday! :)

  14. I didn't know it snowed THAT much over there! Wow!
    Your cookies came out super pretty!

  15. I have a RAV 4, and I love it! I was scared at first because I never drove anything larger than a sedan, and at first it felt like I was too high up from the road, but now, when I drive Shawn's Corolla (we are Toyota people apparently), I do not like how close to the road I feel. I definitely prefer the SUV-type feel, but like that the RAV 4 is not as huge or gas-guzzling as a larger SUV would be. I guess they call the RAV a cross-over (halfway between a sedan and an SUV)? I could be wrong on that. Anyhow, how do you feel about yours now that you've had it for a little while? Shawn wants a truck now. I'm like, "Really? Three vehicles?" But, I definitely see the practicality of having a truck because we are always having to "borrow" someone's when we need to move large things and/or bring home large purchases. *Sighs* I'm sure we'll get one someday... after these are paid off and probably after student loans are paid off, too! GRRR! Student loans!!!!


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