August 14, 2013


Fact:  How we punish the dog. He got in trouble for biting.  Next time, we zip up the top too.

 Fact: This is my favorite shirt.  I bought it on a street corner in Boston 3 years ago.  I always get asked if I went to Harvard when I wear it.  My favorite time (and I tweeted about it last year) was when I was in the PX buying a $5 bottle of moscato and someone asked me if I went to Harvard.  My immediate thought was, "I would not be an elementary teacher buying a $5 bottle of wine on a Saturday afternoon if I had gone to Harvard."

Fact: The humidity is evident on my camera lens.  This picture is edited within an inch of its life.
Shorts: Express (via Marshall's), Sweater: Macy's (old), Sandals: Old Navy

Fact: A search term from last week:  "side swept bangs on five head".


Also, "ryan gosling haircut".

I did one Ryan Gosling post a year and a half ago (one of those Hey, Teacher things) and every time I look at my search terms, his name is in there.  I've gotten used to seeing it, but perhaps the oddity of it has been lost on me.  That's REALLY weird.  Just thought I'd share.

Fact: 97 (NINETY-SEVEN) people have found my blog by searching "ryan gosling".  That is strange.

Fact:  I found this skirt tutorial that I'd forgotten about from last fall.  I'd wanted one.  But I can't sew.  Also, there are no fabric stores around here.  Scott is usually pretty busy.  I'm surrounded by roadblocks, as you can see.  I think, as soon as the flood waters subside, I'm going to make my way to a store (a real one), buy some fabric, and then beg Scott to help me.  Wish me luck.

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  1. does scout go in that little hut/tent thing every time he bites? i put lily in her crate when she bites me and she is starting to associate that she loses her play friend when she goes in there if she bites me! i wish she would stop already.

  2. ok can you explain the hey teacher ryan gosling thing then? cause last year when i was subbing around map time he popped up everywhere in a school i was at and no one could explain it to me.

  3. I am dying laughing at your puppy in that tent.

  4. Your pup is just so cute! My aunt has taken her dogs (aussie shepards) to "every class available" including doggie dance class. They even had a recital. Please take Scout to dance class.

  5. Here's the thing...if that is his regular kennel/crate than he might start associating that with bad things and end up not wantint to go in there at all. We do time outs by putting them on the their leash and then putting the end of it underneath a chair leg so they can't move. They're there for 30 seconds to a minute but it makes them associate being removed from us as punishment for bad behavior.

    Something we did for all three dogs when they started biting (because all puppies decide it's super fun to do) was teaching them "kisses" so they know that licking hands, feet etc is better than biting them. Basically anytime he licks your hand he gets praised verbally or with a treat and if he bites than a verbal reprimand. It worked super well for us!

  6. Oh, my gosh I love the Harvard comment! Funny how people just don't think before they ask comments like that. Also, the picture of you with Scout licking your face is adorable! Humidity and all!

  7. I don't even want to think about the kinds of comments I'd get if I wore a Harvard shirt here.

    "You went to Harvard? WHAT are you doing in Sitka?"

    I already get those comments simply because I'm "from Seattle."

  8. Scout is so cute and he definitely knows it!

  9. Now even more people will find your blog via Ryan Gosling! A man of many talents.

  10. Dropping in by way of the Walkabout and I'm in love with your dog.. the punishment would never happen here because I'm such a pushover (that's why my dog doesn't listen and he's bad-- but oh so cute!!). If you ever get so mad at the dog for biting that you don't want him anymore.. I will gladly volunteer my address and my checking acct number for you to send the pup here!! PS- what a cute blog!

  11. Fact: I love the new look of your blog!

    Fact: That dog is adorable, even when being punished!

    Fact: I'll take the flood over the snow. Yes?

  12. I love that picture of you holding Scout! It's too adorable! :)

    That skirt looks really cute. I can *kind of* sew. One of these days, I just might have to give that a try! :)

  13. I need a puppy to put in my playpen I have. That is incredibly cute!

    I wish Ryan Gosling would come up for my blog searches. I did one post in the very beginning of my blogging life that had a picture of martini glasses and also one of a bunch of Disney movies. Now, my top two searches, for ever and always, are "disney movies" and "martini glasses". It's terrible.


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