June 4, 2013

The house is (kinda) finished

We've been here for almost a month.  I've been taking these pictures along the way, so the only rooms that aren't put together at the moment are the army-gear room and the guest room.  

I must say, I've been missing out on the wonderful thing that is the ranch-style house for the last 27 1/2 years.  Having everything on the same floor saves you an incredible amount of time.  We know we want a house pretty much exactly like this one when we eventually settle down.  

Front porch

..and new patio furniture on the deck.

Living room

I don't think there's a way to make those boxes/wires pretty. At least there's a built in t.v. stand.

With this picture just recently hung up.

It's titled "Sleepy Hollow on Sunday Morning".  I'm very colonial at heart.

That's the garage door to the right, plus a very convenient closet.

My co-workers gave me this before I moved.  "Swans Over Sleeping Lady".  Sleeping Lady is a volcano near Anchorage. (Painted by a Palmer artist).

My mirror, ugly wires, a giant piece of lapis, and the painting that used to hang over our fireplace in Alaska.

The bookshelf we made ourselves.  We have hundreds of books...but it was too cluttered in the last house.  I can't decide which ones to put on it yet. The candlesticks, greenish plate, and vase on the floor came from Afghan-land.

Not quite unpacked.  That's our new t.v. for the master bedroom.

Master bedroom window (All our curtains have been in 3 houses.)

I originally bought this bedding for our guest room in Alaska.  It was important to me that we have a fresh start in Missouri (and really now, it's pretty and light and summery).  So, we swapped not only the bedding with what was in our master bedroom in Alaska, but we swapped the beds too.  Fresh start!

Aqua is my color of choice these days.

Dining area with a shelf that still needs to be put up.  There's also some pottery on the floor that doesn't have a home.

Bench we painted and stenciled.  I always have a lantern of some sort on it (I have a lot of lanterns).

I love the laundry room.  There's a window.

One side of the kitchen.  We collect magnets from our travels so that's what you see on the fridge.

Sorry about the mess.  This is real life.  That's the laundry room door.

As for the basement, we're leaving 50% of the boxes packed and stacked.  I'm not going to waste time unpacking boxes we don't need.  

Our house is remarkably uncluttered (for us) and I intend on keeping it that way. 


  1. I love your house! It may be uncluttered, but it's still full of you guys. The stuff you guys made is sooo cute too, especially the stenciled bench. I hope this is the mark a great fresh start for you guys!

  2. Everything is so nice. I love the summer bedspread. The paintings are beautiful. It almost makes me want to purchase some paintings. Your house seems like a nice place to visit.

  3. I love having a ranch style house too. I thought I wouldn't, after living in one as a teen, but when I'm actually doing the housework, stairs suck...

  4. The house looks so great!! You're leaps and bounds beyond me and we've been in our house since MARCH! Ha! I love love love the painted bench and your laundry room!!! Glad you've settled in nicely! And i'm with you on the whole "ranch style house" thing. This is my first (beyond apartments), and it's such a time saver ;)

  5. The only way I've seen people hide those cords is make a hole in the wall and wire it that way. But then if you do move you got a big hole to patch up. I have a feeling we'll be dealing with that whenever we move but for now we still use a stand.

  6. It must feel great to finally be settled! Not unpacking the stuff you don't need is a smart move. I'm sooo jealous of your laundry room!

  7. I would love a ranch, it just seems so convenient! I also think your style of great, the whole house just feels so cozy.

  8. I'm probably the only person in the world that NEVER wants to own a one-story house...haha. I love my stairs.

    I'm amazed you actually hung that picture from Alaska. I'd probably want to stash it away for at least a year before I could even bear to look at it!

  9. Such a great house! I grew up in a rancher. I love the long layout.

  10. Love the house! It looks so cozy and inviting!

  11. it looks so good!! I LOVE your deck! and that blue bench is so cute!

  12. Your home is beautiful, I love all the details. :)

  13. It looks so cozy! I love the blue bench by the door and the handmade bookcase. I want to do that when we find our next place. It seems like it'd be so much better/studier/cheaper than typical store bought ones.

    Aqua is one of my favorite colors these days, too! It's so much fun :)

  14. I love having an uncluttered house. When we were first married and we had absolutely nothing--I love my huge empty rooms. Our house is still rather empty compared to most, but I don't want it to get any fuller. I love your lanterns--you guys have nice pictures/paintings for the walls too!

  15. The house looks great! Great job with the bookshelf

  16. Aqua is totally my color of choice too. Preferably matched with red. And I love that bench!

  17. I am loving aqua right now too! I love that bench.

  18. It looks great! Your kitchen is gorgeous


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