June 1, 2013

Pinned, Did, Done!

Plowing through Pinterest is productivity at its finest.  It does make me feel accomplished.  I don't like pinning stuff just to hoard it.  I like seeing it, doing it, and moving on.  Meaning, if I like it, I keep it in our rotation.  If I don't like it, I can get rid of it.  Well, I can put it on this board, along with my thoughts.  I wish more people would be honest on Pinterest.  It'd save us all a lot of pinning time.

Anyway.  This week, I've got a lot of stuff I actually didn't like.  You can thank me later for saving you precious time.

*I've linked the Pins to the text, so you can just click over to Pinterest that way.  I'm not using that crazy Pinterest embedding stuff.  Ain't nobody got time for that. *

Apple Crockpot Oatmeal.  Looks amazing. Tasted like mush.  I cooked it on low for 8 hours.  I was distraught that I wasted 2 cups of oatmeal on this.  I actually just threw it away after Scott said it was "okay".  He only eats oatmeal if I make it and doesn't pursue it on his own.  I didn't see the need to save it for reheating.
Make this oatmeal instead if you're looking for a crockpot version. 

Roasted Zucchini Sticks.  I didn't try the carrot ones.  These were mushy too.  They didn't caramelize.  Scott ate them, but I didn't like the texture.

Thin Sugar Cookies.  OHmyGosh.  Yum.  I ate an unnecessary amount of the batter off the mixer paddle.  These are amazing.  I did them up with red and blue sprinkles for Memorial Day...and then made them into ice cream sandwiches.  It was necessary.  

Oatmeal Smoothie. This was GOOD.  Like, impressively good.  If you think you don't like healthy smoothies, try this one. It's the most milkshake-like one I've had.

Single Serve Rice Krispy Treat.  Oh geez.  I ate this 3 days in a row.  While Scott was fishing.  So I didn't have to share.  

Iced Tea.  One thing I've struggled with is making good iced tea.  This method works well.  In fact, Scott loves it and carries a tea jug to work with him, Uncle-Si style.  We make unsweetened tea.  Sorry.  I can't get on the sweet tea train.  I like to chew my sugar, not drink it.

Thai Coconut Curry. This was SO, SO good.  I mean, we'll be making it at least once a month from here on out.  I cannot believe how delicious it was, and the fact that it came out of a crockpot was just the icing on the cake. 

Baked Falafel.  I tried a crockpot falafel recipe a few years ago and it was pretty good.  I had high hopes for this particular recipe and it seemed very easy.  It was easy.  But it didn't have any flavor.  I followed the recipe to a "T".  So, next time, I'll make the crockpot falafel and bake it in the oven instead.  

I can't even talk about it.  I just...no. Too delicious to even put into words.

Pin anything yummy lately???  Have you tried any of these recipes yet?


  1. oh my god, I am checking out that single serving of a rice krispie. Addicted!!

  2. I can't get on the sweet tea train either! Even after living in NC for 4 years..just not my thing.

  3. I'm glad you liked my cookies! And Ashton's smoothie is amazing!!! And I need that rice krispie treat in my life. :)

  4. 8 hours seems like an absurd amount of time to cook oatmeal. Even in a crockpot. Gross. I'm definitely repinning a few of these for later!

  5. I would die if my tea wasn't sweet. But it did make me laugh that you said you'd rather chew your sugar than drink it. :)

  6. So THAT'S the single serve rice krispie treat you were talking about. Funny. I might have to try it. Also love the oatmeal smoothie recipe.

  7. I feel the same way about sweet tea. And sugary sodas. Or any other super sugared drink. I'd rather have a bag of candy, thanks.

    Totally going to try that crockpot falafel....

  8. My grandma always used to make plain old Liptons sun tea on their porch and it is still my favorite. That thai chicken looks good! I have tried some thai chicken pinterest flops

  9. Being in the "south" {I use that loosely because most everyone in Tampa is from somewhere else, and mostly from the north}, people love sweet tea. I prefer unsweet w/ lemon and maybe a dash of splenda. I want that smoothie!

  10. We always have a gallon jug of iced green tea in our house. Angel, unlike me, won't drink water, and he decided that the healthiest way to help him kick his soda habit would be iced tea. So we go through a lot of that. I would drink it unsweetened, but he doesn't like it completely unsweetened, so I put a couple tablespoons of honey in every gallon I make and he still considers it healthy.
    And I'm pretty sure the whole concept of zucchini fries simply doesn't work. I've tried a few different strategies, but I don't think that particular vegetable is made to be baked into a fry.

  11. I should probably get off of the computer so I will stop reading your blog! I think I'd try the cookies and single serving rice krispy treat. I haven't tried any of those recipes, but I try a lot of recipes I find on Pinterest. Not many are disappointing, but I don't step out of the box much.


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