May 9, 2013

Thursday things.

(Edited to include some pictures since I was able to get some coffee shop internet.)

New House.

1.  I left my eyeliner in Wasilla.  Do you know how many times I've had a chance to stop and buy eyeliner over an 8 day drive?  Once.  But not before I went a week without it.

2.  I thought about writing an April Fitness post just to keep track of what I'm doing.  Then, I realized that this is a turning point for me.  I've worked out maybe twice in the last 10 days (cardio), but I have been planking and doing some leg circuit workouts in hotel rooms.
 I care about being in shape, but something clicked when we left Canada.  I don't feel this overwhelming need/compulsion to "control".  (I wrote about body image issues back in February/March of 2012).  I think that a big part of why I spent so much time at the gym in Alaska was that I had no control over that place.  And the only thing I could control, therefore, was myself.  This is a deep topic, but it is what it is.  I just know that I haven't felt the compulsion of a late-night candy binge in a week.  One more thing we can blame on Alaska, right?

3.  Speaking of diet, my job was horrendous for my diet and was another thing that left me feeling out of control.  I would get there in the morning, after a completely sensible breakfast, and just want to eat candy.  And I'd usually give into that craving by 10:30am.  It's not that I don't like teaching.  It's that, for some reason or another, that job left me feeling out of control and like I needed sugar to make myself feel better.

4. Still not used to the time difference. I called my mom thinking if it was 1pm in Missouri, it was 5pm in PA. (It wasn't.) then I thought, "Oh, it's only 4pm, because it's a 3 hour difference, not a 4 hour one. (No.).

Then I realized our families are only one hour ahead of us...because we're back in the land of real time now. Not 4 hour difference mystical time.

5. My stand mixer is somewhere on a barge or a truck or something. Does anyone have a non-dough-hook pizza dough recipe?

6. We're off to PA in a brand new Toyota truck! Expect a picture overload when I have Internet again next week! Or when I hijack it from family. Whichever comes first.

Happiness is green grass and sandals.


  1. Have fun with family!!!! :) Can't wait to see pictures.

  2. YOu are really going?? You all are road warriors!

  3. I've been thinking of you and not realizing that you were smart and scheduled posts. I'm glad you're safe in the lower 48. I've used meetup to find friends before and I'm sure you'll find a good church to make friends at. You are a lot closer to me now. I've wanted to go back to Kansas City for some shopping. It's only a 5 hour drive from here. Totally doable. You're doing great getting settled in! I'll be praying for your job hunt. :) Esther Norine Designs

  4. Wow, your new house is beautiful! Bet you're glad there's no snow on that grass haha.

    Also, where in the world did you get your sandals? I want a pair.

  5. You know what would make things complete?? A new coffee mug from starbucks from your new state! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

    And did you pack your His/Hers mugs well?? If they broke I will cry!!

    ps. the last photo.... welcome to my kind of living!!!!!!

    pss. I am too lazy to go back and correct stuff... But I love your house so much!

  6. The time difference was rough on me when we moved from Hawaii. I didn't know when I was!

  7. Your house is so cute! I'm glad you guys made it there alright. Woohoo!

    Also, I have a yummy pizza dough recipe that only requires kneading (you just need to get your hands dirty and sticky). I'll e-mail it to you!

  8. Your new house looks great! I'm so glad that you're coming to PA!

  9. Your new house is so pretty! I love the sloping roofs and the shutters on the windows! (Can you tell I watch a lot of HGTV? Hey, it's better than Honey Boo Boo!)

    Have fun in PA! Lovin' the whole sandals thing.

  10. Is your house what you thought it was going to be?

  11. I totally feel your control issues!! Mine go right to food too.

    Baked Bree has a food processor recipe...but I'm assuming your food processor is also on a truck... hmmm...

  12. yeah for your new house! can't wait to see more of it! i really like number 2. and i do have a recipe that doesn't use a dough hook but it's in a cook book in my cabinet! i can look it up if you want it! super easy and i use it a lot!

  13. Love the last picture! So happy for you! :)


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