May 11, 2013

funny stuffs.

I'm trying to find funny stuff.  I am.  Trust me.  Things, apparently, aren't as hilarious to me as they used to be.  This is a collection of pictures I've been storing up for the right moment (which is this pre-scheduled post, I suppose).

Who's ready for The Hangover III???

Scott is going to buy me this so I can truly document our life.  

How I feel when I think about Alaska:

There's things I miss.  But then I think, "Really??  Are you sure?"

 I'm not even that crazy about Amy Poehler.  We're still trying to get through Arrested Development, but I find it so sad that she and Will Arnett aren't together anymore.  I really like him.

Hope you're having a happy (WARM!) weekend!  

Pins from here.


  1. I love the first one! haha. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  2. And THAT is why I hated group projects in school. And high school was bad projects were 10x worse!

    I also lol'd at that notebook. I could fill up a book with shit I was right about....haha j/k, j/k.... ;)

  3. in love with those funny quotes!
    really liked, i stay here <3


  4. I feel the same way about Amy Poehler and Will Arnett... did the laughs run out?

  5. I need to get that notebook for my dad! He's only right occasionally. My mom has the corner on that market...

  6. I love Arrested Development, I can't wait for the season on Netflix at the end of the month! I was so sad when Amy and Will separated, I feel like that happens so often when both partners are working and successful which is so sad.

  7. I was really sad over them breaking up, like you'd swear they were my friends or something haha. I need a damn life.

  8. I am SO excited for The Hangover III!! The trailer was hilarious!


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