April 2, 2013

Stuff. And things.

*Spoilers ahead*

Just being kind, friends...

1.  The Walking Dead.
Talk about an anti-climatic ending.  What happened to old one-eyed Gov'nor??? I'm confused.  I seriously was thinking he'd be hiding with an assault rifle and take out Rick in the last scene.  Also, Andrea was awfully lucid there toward the end.  Think she was just hardened by 2+ years of battle? Remember how Dale and Amy and T-Dog were pain after a zombie bite?  You can't tell me Andrea has a higher pain threshold than T-Dog.  She even died in a boring way. Like that tumblr post I linked to up there said, she spent so much time talking to Milton while he was dying.  Hello!? You're a lawyer, lady. You should be able to multitask at least a little.

Oh, well.  Here's to October and the upcoming season 4!  It took all season, but I actually liked Rick again in this last episode.  I just wish he wouldn't turn the prison into a retirement home.

2.  Game of Thrones.
My love for Tyrion was reinforced.  He is one of the best characters ever written.

Everyone seems to like Rob Stark, but I really like Jon Snow.  I just think he's fiercely loyal and always seems to do the right thing.  The complete opposite of Tyrion...actually, if you put Jon and Tyrion together, they could probably take the throne.

Who's your favorite character? (I'm taking a leap here and, as always, assuming everyone watches my favorite T.V. shows.  Kind of like how everyone tweets about #TheBachelor and assumes others care, right?)

3.  Easter.
We didn't do anything special.  I made carrot cake roll and tortilla soup.  Bam.  Exciting, right?  We went to church and, as I usually do at this church, I really liked the sermon.  Good sermons are what pull me in.  I don't care about the music (Yeah, I know how callous that sounds.).  I found myself really turned away from the commercialism of Easter this year.  It seems that you either celebrate it or you don't (no Easter break, no Good Friday off, etc. in Alaska schools), but this year found both of us more interested in the meaning of Easter more than anything else.   I  credit a lot of this to watching The Bible on the History Channel.  I saw each episode more than once.  It made the story come alive for me, and I think that was the kick in the pants I needed.

4.  My DVR started acting up on Sunday night.  The worst possible night of the week for a DVR to misbehave.  On Sunday night, we needed to record: The Bible, Game of Thrones, Wicked Tuna, The Walking Dead, The Talking Dead, and Vikings all between the hours of 7pm and 10pm. This is not easy to do when you can only record 2 shows at once and need to be watching one of the 2 shows.  I depend, largely, on second showings to get everything recorded.  We usually watch half of these shows Sunday night and half Monday night.

Vikings and Wicked Tuna were for Scott.  Why he insists on the show about fish, I'll never know.  Anyway...I fiddled with the dumb thing for half an hour, trying to get the scheduling set up.  Scott doesn't know how to work the DVR. He doesn't really care.  He just asks me to record stuff and/or put something on to watch and I work the magic. I cannot wait til we can have DirecTV again.

4. (The Great) Alaska Sportsmans' Show. It was like a hiking boot convention. That's all I have to say about that.

Just a portion of the "fun".


  1. We need to finish up watching The Walking Dead...not sure when that will happen haha.

  2. Our DVR hasn't been working wither. It skips and freezes every few minutes...so annoying!

  3. LMAO!!!!

    I was pretty upset that the governor is still alive. Because in the comic he dies... soooooooooooo I guess this means we have to stare at his face and listen to that horrible southern accent for a whole nother damn season???


    PS. did ya'lls mugs arrive??

  4. We do not have cable and my husband is a huge walking dead fan and he couldn't go park himself at his friends last night to watch it so he's dying to tonight!

  5. SOOOOOOOOO anti-climatic. Season 4opener better be DAMN good!

  6. I love the Sportsman's show!!!

    Also, I need to catch up on Walking Dead. I, too, have not been Rick's biggest fan but hopefully the 4 episodes I haven't seen will get me back to a good place with him.

  7. We don't watch any of the same programs - weird I would I have thought we would have some in common!

  8. As usual, I AM SO BEHIND ON EVERYTHING!!!! Haven't seen TWD...haven't been able to watch The Bible...haven't seen Game of Thrones...sigh. I really really really want to see The Bible, hopefully it'll come out on DVD soon. That's one I would buy without watching it first. ;)

  9. You know, I really need to watch "The Bible" series. I have this issue with not liking to watch things if I haven't seen them from the beginning. But I'm going to check online...I've heard it's really.

  10. I sat next to two guys from Anchorage on the plane to Vegas. They both were wearing hiking boots. Then one asked me if it was normal to "be the only black guy in the airport" (in Portland)

  11. I've never seen the Walking Dead but everyone is talking about it! Carrot cake roll sounds so good!


  12. I couldn't NOT read the spoilers! haha!

    I knew they both died already though so eh. I'm disappointed in TWD so many people have said that this finale wasn't great. :(


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