December 17, 2012

Just popping in... say that I've missed you all!  I hope you've been checking out the guest-bloggers who've been kind enough to stop by, and I've got some lovely ladies coming up this week too.

Today is Katie from ...for Lauren and Lauren, in case you missed it.
Last week, Dorothy made you some Gingerbread Oreo Truffles and Becky shared a classic Chocolate Chip and PB cookie recipe.   Kate shared her style and then Meg showcased some crafts that even I could do. 
I cannot thank you ladies enough for keeping my blog going while I'm away.  Gracias.
Apparently this is where the world will end later this week.  Super.  (in Belize)

Did I enjoy our vacation?
I enjoyed the weather.  I loved the blissful heat and humidity in the western Caribbean.  I think I uttered the phrase “It’s too hot” twice.  In Honduras, while we were sitting next to the resort pool baking in the sun, and I said it again in Belize at the Mayan ruins where it was particularly humid in the jungle.
Both times, Scott just kind of gave me a “look".

The food?  After I tell you our harrowing tale of adventure concerning the food (food poisoning), you’ll see why we were a little leery of everything edible on that boat.  However, I certainly ate my fill of watermelon.   
This is where I make my money back, Carnival.
By the end of the trip, I found myself craving things I just couldn’t get.  Chips.  Candy.  Good ice cream.  You know… my diet staples.  I almost bought a $6.00 bag of Doritos in Roatan and then decided against it.

The most stylish people on the ship, keeping the plaid alive.

The good news is that, like last year’s vacation, we pulled through.  Food poisoning seems to travel along with us.
Also good news?  We saved a LOT of money on alcohol because it turns out that’s the last thing you want when you’re sick.
And the million dollar question?  Do I miss Alaska yet?  Not even a little bit.  Scott does (which lets you know how crazy he actually is).  I miss my gym routine a little (but I did my weight/ab routines on the boat).  I miss my computer (Scott’s computer is old, but it did the job while we sat in our stateroom and watched movies for 2 days).  I miss….yeah, that’s about it.  
Have you ever been on a cruise?   What’d you think? 

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  1. Sounds fabulous, minus the food issue. I hope it continues to be wonderful!

  2. We miss you too~

    Glad you're having ia good time (other than the food poisoning) and hope it continues!

  3. We took a cruise when I was 13. It wasn't as fun as it could've been for me ;)

  4. I have never been on a cruise. I don't think I would want to because of all the horror stories I see on the news. Ship is on the side, food poisoning, some mysterious infectious disease has broke out and killed a high amount of people...

    yah... not for me. I like land.

  5. Never been on a cruise. My husband and I considered it for for our honeymoon...but we decided that we like the freedom of being able to travel anywhere and everywhere we want to and change plans mid-vacation. Maybe when we've settled down a little and aren't so easily distractable we'll try one!

  6. Glad to hear that your vacation was super fun (other than getting sick, boo)

    We honeymooned on a Royal Caribbean cruise and got sick on the last night due to a tropical storm. Other than that, it was fun!

  7. I feel that way every single time I get to leave this state...I don't miss it. Not even a little, tiny, miniscule amount.

  8. Miss you too!! :) Vacation sounds awesome!

  9. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning. I love to travel, but I'm the same way, I always end up missing my diet staples like candy and whatnot. ;) Coming from #yolomondays

  10. Eek, food sorry! I'm glad you're having a good trip anyway! I've never been on a cruise...I couldn't do it. I can barely ride shotgun in a car, let alone in a boat...

  11. I've never done a cruise, is it fun?

  12. Food poisoning...yuck! Good news is, you probably didnt gain any weight while not being on your exercise routine, you know because of the run & throwing up :/

    So, yeah, I miss your posts. Come back already.


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