December 17, 2012

DIY Heart Sweater: Katie from For Lauren and Lauren

I'm thrilled to have Katie on the blog today.  


I don't even remember how I "met" her, but I love her! (Who but a blogger could utter that phrase??)
She's a bargain shopper, a crafter, and a teacher.  I never miss a post from her!
While I often scoff at "crafts" that require a sewing machine, this adorable sweater is something I may have to attempt.  And, yeah, I'll totally hand-sew it.

I'm so happy to be sharing on Kristin's blog today.  My name is Katie and I blog at for Lauren and Lauren. Kristin in one of the first bloggers I've met and I'm so glad I did!  I may not be envious of her living in Alaska but am envious of the delicious desserts she is always making. I've stolen many recipes from her!  

I started my blog for my sister Lauren and sister-in-law Lauren because they convinced me to share my daily outfits with them.  Now my blog has become a place to not only share my cheap clothing finds, but also projects I make, recipes I attempt and what is happening in my life.  

Speaking of finding cheap clothing, I rarely spend a lot of money on one clothing item.  And when I saw those adorable heart sweaters from J.Crew last year I knew I would never spend $80 on one, so I decided to make my own.  It was super easy and cost me less than $8. 

I found this grey sweater for $7 and a black piece of felt for $0.50.  

I cut a heart out of paper first and then out of the black felt.  
Then I pinned the felt onto the sweater. 
(I tried it on first to make sure that is where I wanted it.) 

I used my sewing machine to sew it on. 
(I know Kristin says she doesn't sew and if you don't either you could definitely hand sew it on!)
And that is it! 
So happy to have spent less than $8 rather than $80!

Feel free to come visit me. I LOVE meeting new bloggers. 
Thanks, Kristin, for having me on your blog!

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