December 1, 2012

Guilty... with an explanation

So I kinda left you hanging without a post on Friday...believe it or not, I had one written.  It was light-hearted, maybe kind of funny, wishing you a happy weekend sorta thing.  But Wednesday and Thursday were so sucktacular that I just deleted it before I fell into a miserable, restless sleep on Thursday night.  I wouldn't want to misrepresent myself, after all.
I leave for a Caribbean vacation this week and I get four full weeks off of school (instead of 2) for Christmas break.  Clearly, I'm not asking for your sympathy here.  I just really hit the "I care about nothing" wall this past week and thought I'd explain.

The Army
Scott's job is a job I'd never wish on anyone.  Except people I don't like.  And those people already work there.  ha  ha   ha
(I cannot elaborate due to the fact that we like getting paychecks.)

The wind.
Oh God.  The wind.  

I can't even describe the wind here.  The house shakes.  Actually shakes.  My school shakes.  The gusts prevent forward progress when walking outdoors.  And you can forget about carrying anything to/from your car.  
In The Long Winter, Laura talks about wind scouring the walls.  That's exactly what it's like. Only there's no snow or ice or white-outs.  There's just glacial silt blowing off the stupid glaciers and into your eyes, mouth, and hair.  (Thank God for Starbucks splash-sticks.)
It blows through cracks in your houses too.  Luckily, we don't live in the area where that happens, but it does happen at my school.  My classroom will get a thin coating of dust overnight.
Anyway, when the wind blows like that, I get extra crabby/stabby.  It's like this feeling where you'd give a limb just to get it to stop waking you up with earthquake-like rumbles in the middle of the night.
Needless to say, not much sleep was gotten this week.

If someone offered me Alaska:

My motivation:

Goodness gracious, I'm excited for this week's episode. How 'bout you?

Monday?  There shall be ice cream on the blog.  You're gonna wanna come back for that stuff.


  1. That window sounds scary!!!!! :/

  2. Love the Laura Ingalls Wilder reference. I hope things start to look up.

  3. I'm so glad we never got wind that bad! That's scary!

    And okay, for real.... I laughed so hard at the alarm name. I love the walking dead!!

  4. Ohmygod the cat one kills me.


    "Don't want it"

    Still laughing.

    Have fun on VACATION!! I'm down to 2 weeks before mine! wooooooo!

  5. I've been hitting my don't give a damn anymore wall lately too. It stinks. And, having to go through that with unearthly sounding awful cold wind and winter. Double yuck. Get your booty outta there!

  6. The wind didn't bother me in Ak at all. Once I got to Washington and experienced the wind here, it kept me awake at night like crazy! Not sure why....
    and of course, the Alarm message is awesome.

  7. I hate when one to two days out of the week make you want to just say "F it"!! I was there this week too!!! I hope you enjoy your vacation!!!

    I'm over the top excited about Walking Dead tonight!! I'll be looking forward to your recap tomorrow!!

    I think I fixed being able to reply to my comments. If I didn't I may need a little help!! Thank you!

  8. Holy moly you do deserve a vacation!!! I hope you enjoy it so much!

  9. the wind sounds terrible, as do many things about where you live! 4 weeks off school? does everyone get that? and good timing for you to go on vacation!!

  10. I'm already finding myself going into hibernation mode. I'm always cold, and I don't want to go any where or do anything. It's not even that cold yet. So I can't imagine that wind. I am so excited for you to get away to the Caribbean. You deserve it!

  11. I'd be crabby too! You've been stuck in the Long Winter too long!


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