November 29, 2012

It's okay...

...that we put up our Christmas tree on Saturday and I already felt behind the curve.  Why is everyone else ahead of me with that??? (I'm not showing a tree picture because I said it was up..didn't say it was decorated.)

...that apparently wreath-making is the only craft-like talent I possess.

$8 wreath + $1 decorations = moderately priced, self-made wreath
...that, as I was ordering my cheap-o Christmas cards from Wal-Mart, I thought, "Maybe I should go with a fancy-schmancy company like all those bloggers do?"  But this stack was less than $9.  Serves my purpose.

...that I saw this post by Sarah and thought, "Yes.  Someone thinks like me."  Sure, I'm a teacher, but I don't live in my classroom, nor do I bring my work home.  Sometimes, I look at the people around me who work 18 hour days as a teacher and think, "YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG".

...that I'm having real trouble balancing...everything.  Something has to give.  I have a feeling it'll be the house that I've been striving to keep clean and clutter-free.

...that this cat is describing how I feel when I try to socialize.  Parties are supposed to be fun, right?

Like tonight.  There's an army function of some sort. Yay, right? Uh, no.

Linking up to It's OK Thursday.  It's definitely okay that it's Thursday.  One more day...


  1. I know how you feel. We were up at Ramstein Germany getting my baby's teeth worked on and so we are behind the curve with Christmas decorating as well. We just got our tree up last night and my husband decided he is done with pre lit trees and now we got a plain one and having difficulty with the lights, so I am getting depressed. Blah.

    Your wreath looks fantastic!

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  3. I don't live in my classroom either. Sounds like an easy way to get burnt out to me. Your wreath looks great!

  4. Aww those Christmas cards are so cute! And hey, you saved money - definitely a win-win. And I love your wreath!

  5. I love your Christmas cards!!! :) So what they cost $9 they are awesome.

  6. That wreath is so cute!! I'm wanting to make a new one. Thanks for the idea. :)

  7. Ehhh don't feel bad. We just put our tree up on Tuesday night. You're not that far behind. We never put it up until at least Thanksgiving weekend anyway, this year we were "late" but it didn't really feel late.

    My sister works crazy long hours as a teacher...but it's her first year. Hopefully she'll figure out a better schedule so she doesn't burn out. ;)

    And your Christmas cards are really cute!! Love them!

  8. We usually get cards from Shutterfly but I think this year calls for Wal-Mart. That's ok with me!

  9. We have dinner with a Lt Col tonight who Kev is trying to get our next assignment with. I am dreading it! After two years at grad school, I am totally out of Army appropriate social mode. Blah. But I hope your night goes well :)

  10. Sometimes I feel like I am such an awful teacher because I leave pretty much on time everyday and I RARELY take anything home. I am so glad I am not the only one!

  11. Cleaning was the first thing to go for me. I can no longer have "spontaneous play dates" for Jordan.

    And the Christmas cards.I know! I always want to get the fancy ones but Costco is way cheaper!

  12. Grumpy Cat slays me! And I use Shutterfly for our cards but mainly because I use promo codes like a crazy woman. Your cards are cute!

  13. You got all those cards for $9? Awesome! The only reason I even made photo christmas cards this year was because they were free. Ah, the perks of a blogger.

    Haha, that cat totally rocks. I very rarely have fun at parties, yeah, I'm that girl in the corner going 'pfft, this is stupid.'


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