November 23, 2012

High 5 for Friday


1.  I decided to get ultra-crafty again a few weeks ago.  Took a bit, but this is all finished.  I have 3ish more to do before the weekend's up.  (Tutorial here)

2.  I understand that there are people in the world with actual problems.  However,
I sliced my finger open Sunday night, and Scott said, "Eh, no.  Doesn't need stitches."  ...I woke up Monday morning with my hand covered in sticky, dried blood.  Which was delightful.  The only task more fun than showering one-handed? Typing.

Actually, right before Thanksgiving dinner, he superglued it back together for me and it feels SO much better.  I should've listened to him dayssss ago.

3. When anyone turns on a fluorescent overhead light in my presence.   

4.  Last Friday, I mentioned that I had gotten used to living alone when my husband was deployed.  Dare I say this post made me sound "lazy"?
The connection didn't hit me at the time, but the day before I had also written about how bad I was running errands...simply because I'm lazy.
However, there is one chore that I MUST do regularly:  clean the floors.  Nothing makes me crabbier than dirty floors.  I mean, if you want to make me see red, stand over my just-vacuumed floor and drop some crumbs.  Also, when people walk on living-room/dining-room carpeting in their shoes, I shudder a little bit.  In our house, with our white carpeting, I end up shuddering a lot.

5.  Thank you all for reading/commenting on my fitness post this week.  A note about the Plank-a-Day Challenge:  It's the easiest fitness challenge out there.  I do it in my pajamas half the time.  Start at 30 seconds and keep adding 15-20 a day.  I only picked 3 minutes to start at because that's what Allie did.  Now I'm up to 5!  And I swear I could go longer, but it kills my arms.  I usually stretch up into a downward dog pose on the minute mark for a few seconds.  Is that cheating? Eh, maybe.
Scott told me I need to start doing planks on my elbows because I'm putting a lot of pressure on my shoulders.  I agree.  How do you do a plank?


  1. 2. What is it with the Super Glue? My middle son cut his finger at work a few weeks ago and came home because he was going to super glue it back together. I sent him to the ER where they gave him 5 stitches & a tetanus shot!

    3. Ditto! I disconnected the overhead lights at work so people would stop turning them on. I just have a desk lamp, my computer & a lava lamp on to light my way!

    5. What is a "plank" anyway? I'll have to look it up.

  2. he super glued your finger? does that heel right?? look and you and your craftiness! I love those wreaths!

  3. 1. Those wreaths are super cute. I am having a craft-a-thon today, we'll see what I come up with.
    2.My brothers always used to superglue their cuts. I never got hurt, so I never needed to try it out. The one time I did slice open my finger, I didn't have any glue so to the ER I went.
    3. That dog is super cute.
    4. We clean our floors daily. With three furry pets we have to.
    5. I plank on my elbows because I had wrist surgery a couple years ago and I don't like to put pressure on it. I should try this plank a day thing. I will. Soon.

  4. Nice wreaths!!!!

    I do planks on my elbows...a) because it's hard on my wrists if I don't, and b) it feels just as difficult to hold that way, so why not? ;)

  5. Ok, is plank a day like... a fitness challenge? Or is it just a fun little like.. thing to do? I'm all for fitness challenges that don't require much time, lol.

  6. So far I'm loving the plank challenge!! (When I remember to do it.) It's made me feel like I'm "exercising" over the holiday when I'm not. I do it on my hands, but I think I'll need to alternate elbows/hands because my upper arm has issues and if I do it too long it starts to hurt. But I love it!

  7. I started the plank challenge! Except I'm only adding 5 seconds haha. I started at 30 seconds and going up from that. Seriously, my abs are SHOT.

  8. I love the wreaths! I actually made wreathes for my wedding and they turned out so pretty! Scott seems to know what he's talking about! I constantly mop the kitchen floor. It is always dirty and drives me up the wall. The carpets are usually clean, with the exception of the bedroom. I hate planking, but maybe that's because I'm lazy. I've started doing crunches again, at least 100 a day. Good luck!

  9. I do planks on my i guess thats elbows?

    I need to get on the wagon with my fitness, but i have absolutely no motivation to start a program when my life is all over the place with this upcoming move...keep up the fitness posts...i need them! lol


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