November 22, 2012

7 degrees

This is what happens when it's 7 degrees outside and you rush home from school to catch the daylight so your husband can take pictures of you.

Boots:  Steve Madden // Pants:  JCP // Shirt:  AE // Scarf:  Eddie Bauer

And if you tell me I don't look like a giant marshmallow, I may not believe you.  I paid a ridiculous amount of money for this very warm down parka from Eddie Bauer (I got it on sale.  Didn't pay as much as the website says it is right now...still ridiculous though.)
 It has a fur hood too, and I'm not brave enough to put it on yet.  
I mean, I don't WANT to have to dress this way.  I have to.  I'm cold.

Happy Thanksgiving!  
Go eat something yummy.


  1. We are not far behind you. It's supposed to get down to the teens this weekend & start snowing next week.

    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving & stay warm!

  2. Your nose is a little pink! It's so cute! Happy Thanksgiving babe!

  3. that is way too cold!! I do like your expensive jacket though! :) happy thanksgiving kristin!!

  4. Man! It just looks cold! I hope y'all have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  5. The coat is adorable, and I love the saying. SO true today! Happy Thanksgiving Kristin! I'm thankful for you. :)

  6. You are adorable, and that coat isn't as puffy as you might think it is. I ALWAYS feel like a hug marshmallow when I wear puffy coats, but I have to keep telling myself It doesn't actually look that way. I look in mirrors, or windows a lot to confirm this.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Scott....and I wore my stretchy leggings today! :)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you're having a great day. I love your photos (my boyfriend always rolls his eyes - and then agrees - when I ask him to take photos for me haha). I love your jacket! AND it looks great on you! I tried one of those on recently but I'm so short that it came like half way down my calfs. If I lived in Alaska, I would definitely give in.


  8. love your boots!! hope you had a great thanksgiving. :)

  9. Well you're a darling marshmallow if anything! Stay warm Darhowers!


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