October 16, 2012


Today, I'm guest-posting over at Simply, Ashley.  She's on a cruise.

(Let's just pretend to be happy for her, okay?)

Anyway, I love reading her honest posts about life, motherhood, and relationships.  She's a sweetheart.  Go check her out!

(Oh and ignore whatever crap she has to say about me "unfortunately" being a Steelers fan.  She knows nothing.)

I'm pretty sporadic with posting on Instagram.  Sometimes it's 5 times a day.  Some days it's not at all.
Kinda like my candy corn habit.
If you're interested, my Instagram handle is @kedarhower.

It's been a couple weeks since I've linked up with the lovely Jane.  Two weeks ago, I don't remember what I did.  Last week, I was. in. a. mood.  An "anything I say will just make people hate me" kinda mood, so I skipped Tuesday altogether.

Let's recap the important stuff.
This is my new giant mirror.

And that is my Sunday attire.

At the gym 2 weeks ago.  
I believe it was the ONE #OctoberPhotoADay picture I took.  
I didn't want to overcommit, you know. 
That character flaw is why I don't belong to any clubs or organizations or have any friends.

Oh boy.  This stuff is addictive.  That's the big bottle.  More economical.
It's been my "after-school/pre-chocolate" snack for a week or so now.

I've eaten 5 whole yams in the last 2 weeks this way.  It's thinly sliced yams (yams are orange, sweet potatoes are white), olive oil spray, and a light sprinkle of garlic salt/parsley.
You microwave them for about 8 minutes.
Yes.  That's it.

I was CPR-certified in high school.  Since it's been more than 8 years (sigh), it had expired quite some time ago.  With my (hopefully) future career in the world of fitness, it was time to renew it.  
It was a very easy and informative class and for $12 (say what?!?!), so worth it.  Even if I did have to get up at 6am on a Saturday for it.

And even if I could barely concentrate on the vital information I was being taught.
You see, it was a bunch of Alaska teachers at this class.
  And that meant there were A LOT of Danskos being worn.
  I was so distracted by the colors flying around and the desperate need to want to take a picture (or 7), that I couldn't focus.
There were shiny black ones, burgundy snake-skin ones, and a pair of bedazzled ones right in front of me.  Which another person called, "Oh, so cute!"
(They weren't cute.)


  1. I wish you would've taken a picture of them! and that is my favorite wine!

  2. I love love love Moscato! Have your tried Barefoot's? They make it in equally big bottles :)

  3. I still need to try that brand of Moscato. And I love your mirror - big mirrors are the best. I think they make a room look bigger, too.

    Next time, take the Dansko pictures. All the un-Alaskans need to see this horror for themselves. Just pretend you're texting, that's what I do. ;)

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Danskos. I love your pure unadulterated hatred for them ;-) Just (re)googled them and still agree from last time I did that-- UGLY city.

    Looooooove that brand of wine too. YUM.

  5. I freaking love Yellow Tail. I think it's the best cheap wine on the market. Even though it's $6 a bottle it definitely tastes like a $10 bottle of wine. lol HAHAHA I didn't get any picture a days done this month, so I started another one that weirdly had only 26 days in it ummm, I don't think that is how many days are in the month. And, I did 3 days in one day lol. Totally the reason I don't belong in any clubs or organizations either and why I have no friends. haha

  6. Beringer White Zinfandel has been my thing lately. Probably because the first time I had it was in Mississippi at a seafood place after not eating all day and it made me super tipsy super fast. Erego, best wine ever. It's never as delicious as that first glass, but still pretty darn good. Especially when it's really cold.

    Why won't people stop bedazzling ugly things? It doesn't make them look better.

  7. I've been hiding a secret from you and Angi... I own 2 pair of Danskos. I want to say they are the cute pairs, but you won't believe me. I will say that I have a brown pair and a black pair- no animal print or jewels or anything. Please still be my friend.

  8. Hahahaha I've never made it passed the first week of any monthly photo challenges whatev we are awesome

  9. Love moscato and your shoes! Following you now on IG! I don't know why it has taken me so long!!

  10. YES to falling off the picture a day wagon. (SERIOUSLY? I DONT HAVE AN INTERESTING LIFE)

    YES to the large bottles of wine.
    Gotta be an economical wino

    And I need to see bedazzled Danskos.
    I'm searching for them right now.
    I promise I won't buy them.

  11. I love alaska fashion! Bedazzled danskos, impressive.

  12. Definitely buying a mandoline tonight!!! Those chips look AUH-mazing! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love when you pop in my instagram feed. :) Yuck, CPR. I can't even remember my last class...


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