October 14, 2012

funny stuffs.

This is my life.

Apparently I don't.  I really, really don't.

Tell me.  Do you ever lose your remote?  I lose my remote multiple times per t.v. watching session.  I always forget what side of me I set it on or it gets buried in the blankets.  I'm starting to notice that this is a real problem for me.
And if we throw more than one remote into the mix, plus a cell phone, I just end up plain confused.

How I feel about going to work on a Monday

Oh.  And I'll give free blog advertising (meaning I will brag about how awesome you are) to the person who sends me this shirt.
Source: hipfit.com via Kristin on Pinterest

In other news, I spent 5 hours sitting in a chair to renew my CPR certification yesterday.  Which means that I can save lives (God help us all if it ever comes to that, right?).

Source: socialspew.com via Adam on Pinterest

Also, I'm thrilled at the interest the The Great Pumpkin Swap has generated.  Thank you all so much for supporting me and Allie Still another day to sign up!

This is brand new territory for me as a blogger and I'm kinda-sorta relieved people signed up.  Otherwise, she and I probably would've just sent fall packages to each other.  Thanks for saving us from that embarrassment.


  1. That shirt is awesome. If you find someone to send one to you, tell them to send me one, too, and they can not only have an Alaska-lady brag about them, but also a Hawaii one.
    And I heart that you enjoy The Office. You're right, this season is much better, already, than last season.
    ttys friend!

  2. I totally agree about losing the remote! And LOVE the cat mini video. Pretty sure that's exactly what I look like when looking for the remote!

    Ewww. Is tomorrow really Monday?


  3. Hahaha love the remote thing and The Office, of course! Can't wait for the swap!

  4. Wow, this post made my day. That shirt is the best thing ever! And so is the e-card about the ways to contact me without talking. Sometimes I really feel that way when my phone rings!

  5. Wow, this post made my day. That shirt is the best thing ever! And so is the e-card about the ways to contact me without talking. Sometimes I really feel that way when my phone rings!

  6. The remote thing is SO true! My hubby gets so mad at me when I say I can't find it. (we have had to replace the tv remote before...) And that shirt is amazing :)

  7. Yes! I agree about talking on the phone, I HATE talking on the phone. I would much rather text so much easier and I can be doing anything I want while texting lol.

  8. Haha! I love the phone picture. That's so me - not a phone talker. Great funnies, as always!

  9. We have a 'fake out' remote for bennett because he loves to push the buttons on our real remote, except I swear, everytime I go to turn on the tv, I choose the fake one. #firstworldproblems

  10. My child loses the remote. CONSTANTLY. She uses it, sets it down, and 2 minutes later can't find it. Drives me crazy! And the 8 ways of contacting? So. True. I wish my parents would text. Badly.

  11. That cat gif is hilarious. I'm always losing the remote. LOL I'm not too bad, but it's really annoying when it happens.

    I do love swaps!! I just sent out two packages last week...i really need to take a break for a bit. haha


  12. I totally am with you on the whole remote thing!!! Mine disappears all the time when I watch tv. I wish I had a clap on/clap off remote.

  13. I do the remote thing too! Every single time! I also do it with my phone. I probably "lose" my phone 6 times a day. I'm so scatter brained.

  14. I love The Office. And chocolate for dinner.

  15. You're so funny, the only good thing about being waaaay behind on reading blog posts is that I'm reading like 9 of yours one after the other today. I loled at the thought of no one signing up for the pumpkin swap and us just sending a ton of fall stuff to each other-- it still would've been fun, but I'm glad it didn't come to that.


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