September 1, 2012

Sunday Social 9/2 and funny stuffs.

Sunday Social
1. What was your favorite trip/vacation/activity this summer?
I did like it when my husband came home for R&R.  Kinda sorta.

2. What was your favorite outfit look of the summer/clothing item?
I really liked my Havana flip-flops from American Eagle.  I even got to wear them a couple of times.  Har. har. har.

3. What is one thing you wish you had gotten to do this summer?
In Alaska, people ask:  "Did you go outside this summer?"  
They mean:  "Did you leave this god-forsaken icebox for any substantial amount of time?"
I did not go "outside" this summer.  In Alaska-language or in the literal sense.  Again, har har har.
It never fails that I end up saying, "Oh nothing" when people ask me what I did over the summer.  A co-worker asked me if I did anything fun.
Me:  I got a new computer.
*Awkward silence*
Him:  Oh.  I went to Europe.


4. What was your favorite song of the summer?
I really liked Maroon 5's Payphone.  Now that I've listened to it 86 billion times, I don't like it quite as much.  Actually, my Maroon 5 Pandora station is pretty great.

5. What was your favorite movie/tv show of the summer?
Holla holla.  True Blood.

funny stuffs.

I don't watch the show.  But the look on his face is priceless.  And speaks volumes to their dumbness.

And since no one seemed to get my Game of Thrones "winter is coming" reference on Thursday...
let's just take a minute to ponder this.

^That right there is evil incarnate.

Oh, and you know those rainy days when you barely make it up off the couch?  I feel very Bella-ish when that happens.
Don't you?


  1. I'm still not tired of Payphone. Hubby makes fun of me, but I remind him that I dont get to chose the songs in the car *cue kidssongs

  2. lol this was a very entertaining post =D

  3. Jeez I can't stand Nellie...

    I still need to check on Game of Thrones. I feel like I need to catch up to the rest of the class or something (see what I did there?)...

  4. WOW!!! I never noticed the Nellie and Joffrey thing. That is so creepy!!!

    Loved this.

  5. I am a big Maroon 5 fan - but it does ruin a song when the radio stations pay it over and over and over again!

  6. I love Maroon 5 but they get so overplayed and it ruins it. I also love that you never run out of ways to make fun of Kristen Stewart.

  7. Haha love the Kardashian picture. too funny!!!

  8. haha the conversation between you and the co-worker cracked me up!

    Happy Labor day weekend! Drop by and say hello!

  9. The Nellie/Joffrey pic cracked me up, haha!

  10. Dude, that Nellie/Joffrey cracked me up! They look like twins, creepy twins.

    Also, thank you for always posting these things about KStewart being a no talent hack. Cause you know, she totally is.

  11. Ok, I'll admit it...I like the Kardashians, but that picture is hilarious. Scott is pretty dang funny these days.


  12. If it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure getting a new computer would be better than a trip to London. You can Google pictures of London on it :)

  13. Thank you for mocking Kristen Stewart.

    I love these posts every week. Love the funny stuffs so much.


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