September 21, 2012

I am a picture of Fall

Yes.  "Fall".  Not "fail".  Though it could be argued after yesterday's rant.


Thank you all for your sweet comments yesterday.  I think it's only right to tell you that, were it not for blogland, I would not be surviving this deployment.  Flat-out, I would not be functioning.  I'm not sure how I could ever actually thank you.

Oh, what's that?

You want me to mail you an "I heart Alaska" bumper sticker?  I'll get right on that, friends.

Sweater & Skirt:  B.Moss (2007) // Leggings: Old Navy // Boots: Steve Madden
Scarf: Gift // Headband: Alaska Chicks

I had to change photoshoot venues yesterday.  All of this rain has not only kept the kids inside from recess (a real joy, obviously), but it's kept the sump pump running steadily in the basement.
Scared me so badly the other night that I got up and tiptoed through the house with my pistol.
Whether it was loaded or not, I don't even know.
(A failure?  Not I.)

I got to take this picture in full view of the neighbors because my back deck isn't covered.

This is my flouncy teacher skirt, by the way.  And you southerners who are still sweating at the end of September?  That is, indeed, a wool-like infinity scarf.  You're welcome.

To show you that I'm not a whiny brat all the time...
Loved and Lovely
I am so ridiculously thankful for Scott.

And for my parents who willingly listen to me whine, sometimes several times a week.

And for the children.  The children who give me hugs and other stuff.  Like paper flowers and apples.  The apple count is up to like 12.  I see a pie in my future.


  1. I'm doing a scarf order tomorrow. I need an infinity scarf.

    Can I get one of those bumper stickers? I've been meaning to get something I can burn in protest.

  2. I hate indoor recess days!! And I love your boots!!

  3. I think we're all in agreement that you're getting through deployment admirably (and with much more strength than I ever could). And just know that you've got blog friends who love to root for you and cannot WAIT for your hubby to be home with you for good!

  4. I looooove this outfit. And I get a chuckle imagining you in the middle of the night with a gun. ;)

  5. I love the outfit, the boots are my favorite part! :)

  6. Love your skirt/boot combo!


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