August 14, 2012

Stuff. and Insta-Tuesday


1.  I haven't been to the gym since last Wednesday.

2.  Because I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday barely able to move from the couch.  Stomachache.  Headache.  Dizziness.  It was pretty bad.  I can't tell if it was an after-effect of the antibiotic I was on last week or if it was viral or what.  I slept most of the weekend.  Getting up at 5:45am yesterday was still no picnic.

3.  Then I thought it was the sebaceous cyst attacking and trying to kill me like it did 2 weeks ago before I started the antibiotic.  Yesterday, the dermatologist was patient enough to tell me that the tiny cyst would not, in fact, cause my demise.

4.  Which leads me to...after 2 weeks of waiting to have this giant overgrown pimple removed from behind my ear, I went to the dermatologist yesterday.  Sometime, between my shower Sunday night and my 7am drive to Anchorage on Monday morning, the damn thing decided to pop itself.  Gross.

5.  Therefore, nothing could be done for it.  I had to make a follow-up appointment for a few weeks from now.  Hopefully it will "firm up" again and they can cut it out then.



What does the last week look like via Instagram?

Oh the usual haps around here.  I cannot go into a store without taking pictures of overpriced fruit.

I really wanted fruit the other day.  That Mixed Fruit Bowl is $15 at the local Fred Meyer.  I would've eaten it all at once.  I settled for a $7 bag of grapes.

Skirt from Old Navy.  $12.  Don't be fooled by the neatly-made bed.  That's the guest room.  I can't take pictures in front of our dresser mirror.  There's too many clothes stacked up in front of it.

So I have this chain going.  Each link is another day on this stupid, stupid deployment.  Today is day #230, and I only "link" the days we're apart (R&R didn't count).  Anyway, it's red, white, and blue.  Not blue, white, blue.  Dumb.  Usually, I write one out every night and just set it on the table and then link up 10 or so at once.  It's unbelievably difficult for me to keep the pattern straight.  I often have to scribble a date on the back so my counting isn't off.  (I really think I missed a day back in April, but can't be sure.  Talk about frustrating.)


  1. I really do love your sense of humor. Do you know that? I am dead on serious! And I have a story for you.. but I will wait until you email me back... all this talk about pimples and popping.. BAHA

  2. How many days left? That's the good countdown. Your skirt it cute, I love me some old navy.

  3. ugh I cannot imagine living through a deployment. You are a better person than me because I would die if I was away from Jake for 300 some days. It is hard enough when he has to go out of town for a weekend. Though...we do have a two year old and that makes things harder.

    I am sorry your cyst popped itself. I am suprised you didnt feel it, especially the behind the ear because THOSE HURT :(

    You seem a little down...I hope you cheer up. If you need to talk or anything shoot me an email! :)

    xoxo doll,

  4. Dude, totally gross but I totally got a pimple on the inside of my ear once. It hurt like h-e-l-l. Glad your pusstolio popped & is no longer being a pain in your butt.

    Also, that gif of Hoyt totally made me tear up like a sissy girl.

  5. Yuck, I hope you're feeling better and that school is going well. 230 days, even yuckier!

  6. mmmm overpriced fruit!

    Love that skirt and your Deployment countdown.

  7. I hope you're feeling better! Being sick and going to work sucks. A lot. I love your countdown/up idea. Even if it is frustrating, it's super cute. I take pictures of ridiculously expensive stuff in Hawaii too. It just baffles my mind! But holy cow $15 for fruit has got to be a record. I love your skirt and phone case. Thanks for linking up!!

  8. I love anyone not afraid to talk about giant pimples. I doubly love them if they can talk about them popping.

    Also, I can sympathize. I got something similar inside my nose. I couldn't touch it without bursting into tear. Not to mention it made one side of my nose gigantic. That's not a good look :)


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