August 13, 2012

Beer and Lime Margarita

It's Monday.  It's the first week of school.  Who wants a drink?

The fact that this is becoming "What's Kristin drinking this week?" instead of "A blog of food & thought" is not lost on me.

I'm one of those who will drink half a beer zealously and then either:  drink the last half grudgingly, give it to my husband, or dump it out.  (Why yes, I have been accused of 'watering the grass' before. Why do you ask?)

I made this a month or so ago and shared it with my husband.  He liked it too.

Actually, he was reading some fishing report online (He reads fishing blogs.  Can you think of something more un-blog-worthy?? Fishing??).  As he sipped away, I stood 7 inches away and said, "Do you like it? Do you like it? Doyoulikeit?", as I progressively got closer and closer to his face.

He said, "Mmmhmm", and kept reading those fishing reports.

I'm not sure if that means it's good or not.

I liked it anyway.

Beer and Lime Margarita
makes 2 drinks
inspired by this drink
Juice of 1/2 a fresh lime
1 cup frozen (or fresh) strawberries (or cherries!)
1/4 cup frozen limeaide
1 12 oz. beer (I used Michelob Ultra with Lime)
2 shots Triple Sec
2 shots tequila

Extra lime slices for garnish

In a blender, combine the lime juice, frozen fruit, frozen limeade, and liquor.  Once combined, pour into two glasses.  Top each glass with half of the cold beer.  Garnish with lime and enjoy.

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  1. Mmmmmmm would be my response too!

  2. Hi from Mingle Monday! Your post makes me want an alcoholic bev already. And it's only 10:30 am on a Monday!

  3. I've heard from so many people that these are so tasty! Hopefully I will soon be able to have my own opinion. Happy Monday!

  4. I want! I'm like you with the beer drinking: I'm all excited to be a cool beer drinker until halfway through and then I'm SO over it. Where's my fruity cocktail with ninety million maraschino cherries?? These look awesome though!

  5. My friend is hosting a southwestern party in a couple weeks I think she will love this recipe! xo

  6. YUM! I want one. Yes, I am pregnant. It's going to be a long 8 months.

  7. I really wanted to put those Daily's single serve freeze-in-the-pouch ritas in your summer box. I am ADDICTED to margaritas! A local Mexican place sells a gigantic frozen margarita with a Corona turned upside down in it called a Beergarita. I love it. Looks good!

  8. I looooooooooove this. Never to early for one of these babies, that's for sure.

  9. Your drink looks and sounds fabulous! We're almost to the first week of school, too! Came by from Monday Mingle and am glad I did, now I'm following :-D !

  10. i'm not a big beer fan either - I like sips of my husbands but don't think I could drink a whole one!

  11. Uh, yup, this looks amazing. Good lord I need a blender.

  12. I have a similar problem with beer. I really don't like the taste of it. Problem is, it's cheaper than mixed drinks, which I do prefer. Usually what happens is it takes me so long to drink it, and it gets kinda warm & even more gross. So I just don't finish it. :-p

  13. I'm not a beer drinker but this looks so good. I'll have to make this for the hubs soon :)

  14. This looks like another winner.
    What is Kristin Drinking sounds like an awesome idea.


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