July 15, 2012

Sunday Social and Sunday Funnies 7/15

Dear Lord.  July is half over.  (How????)  I go back to school in less than a month.


Sunday Social

Best trip you've ever been on
I should probably say the Caribbean right after college.  Or our 2 1/2 week tour of New England last year.  But the best trip I've ever been on was 3 days in Los Angeles (last fall for a wedding).  We left Alaska on a Thursday afternoon (I literally raced to the airport after school) and we returned home at 2 am on Monday morning and I was at school by 8:30am.  
It was the best because it got me out of Alaska, I got to go somewhere warm, I got to shop(!), and I got an iPhone.  And I got to wear shorts.  Bam.  Doesn't take much to please me.

I wanted to pitch a tent under these trees and just live there.

My hair's looking a little too Mad Men here.  Sorry bout that.
Best idea for a girls weekend trip
The trend I notice is that girls' trips revolve around drinking, gambling, wining, etc.  I don't do much of that.  However, I must say that, growing up, all of the girls in my family spent a weekend outlet shopping every year.  That was always fun.  Mass consumerism in general makes for a delightful weekend.  I do love to shop.

Best idea for a couples trip
I don't think it matters!  I mean, we went to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon once and had a good time.  We also drove across the country (twice), plus Canada.  Any place can be an experience.

Best vacation on the cheap
I don't really have a good answer to this one.  All of our vacations end up costing 4 arms and 4 legs because we live in Alaska and a plane ticket out of here is like $800 per person.  (We refer to our 3 days in L.A. as "the $2,000 weekend".)  It doesn't matter if you're going to Seattle or to Florida.  You ain't gettin' out this icebox on the cheap.  
However, if you want a cheap vacation, I recommend you don't come here (to Alaska).  Everything costs more, and the prettier the area, the more it costs.  Seriously.  Don't do it.  When we do go on vacation elsewhere, we're always astounded at how cheap everything is.

Place you most want to visit
We've got to make it over to Europe.  And I'm determined to get to Hawaii before our time in Alaska is up. I just despise flying, so good luck to me on making it to Europe..
Vacation/Travel necessities
Contact solution, chapstick, facewash, toothbrush.  Phone, phone charger.  If there's an airport wait involved, a book/iPad.  Sunglasses.  
As long as I can comfortably wash my face, brush my teeth, and take my contacts out, I'm okay.  (I've been known to brush my teeth at connecting airports.)

Onto Sunday Funnies with Kara at All in a Row(e)...


I am terrified.  Absolutely terrified.

This one has been floating around for a couple of weeks.  But I love it.  If you're not reading Suri's Burn Book, what's wrong with you?  Just kidding.  No, really.  Get on it.

Maybe you're talented, Chris Brown.  But you're still an asshat.  People have the right to tell the truth about you.  You've given up your right not to be made fun of.  Congrats on that.

And, just for you, KStew....

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  1. LMAO at Kristen Stewarts "I got married"! BAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA

  2. Love your Sunday Funnies! They always make me laugh!

  3. LOL :D
    i definitely agree with your travel necessities too, except instead of the phone i'd have my ipod!

  4. I never fail to forget contact solution...Even when I remember, I'll buy the wrong kind. I have so many vacation pictures in my glasses.

  5. LOL! Pretty much agree with everything and lately it's expensive to fly anywhere no matter what state you're in. I've been to Hawaii; just as expensive as Alaska; love Europe and plan on getting back there one day; and I'm so vain I've been known to wear my contacts even on 17-hour flights to Tokyo! Lots of hydrating solution is a must:-D XOXO

  6. would love to go through all of new england!

    come say hello at nichollvincent.blogspot.com

    have a wonderful day!

  7. That Kstew pin was my favorite pin of the week, I believe :)

  8. Hahaha, that first someecard sort of scares me for the future--I'm not even kidding. I love girls trip that include drinking and a bit o' craziness, BUT a weekend of outlet shopping sounds pretty perfect too!

  9. I am terrified of this generation growing up too! We are also saving to do a family trip to hawaii in the spring. Might as well take advantage of it while we are out here.

  10. I have never been to Alaska, but I am dying to visit. I had no idea it was so expensive. haha, good to know whenever I do plan a trip (if I can ever save enough)!

    Happy Sunday!

  11. I love that your posts make me laugh! :)

  12. these funnies are cracking me up! :)

  13. i can't believe it is mid July!! I am not ready! and it is too bad vacations are so expensive!

  14. Nice to see other Alaska based bloggers here :-)

    I so agree, it is pretty darn expensive to travel out of Alaska so our international travels have been on hold while up here although I am getting pretty good at finding decent flight deals to L48....

  15. First of all, that KStew poster made me bust out laughing. Hilarious shit right there! She's so annoying.

    Sucks that it costs so much to travel out of Alaska. I suppose if fruit's expensive then of course a flight is too, haha. I've always wanted to travel to Europe. Not really sure what part(s) but whatevs.


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