June 22, 2012

Sour Green Monster (and how I met my husband)

Months ago, I told you that I had written up a simply brilliant post about how Scott and I met.  And then Blogger ate it (via my iPad as Macs cannot be trusted apparently).

Because drinking out of a mason jar is classy
So.  Here we go.

I was inspired to re-write the story, albeit condensed, simply because I was inspired by this lady to create an alcoholic beverage.  How are these two things related?

I met my husband in a bar.

I was the bartender.  He was the customer.  I was a certified (jobless) elementary teacher.  He was an ROTC-ing engineering student in his last semester of college.

On the particular night he came into the bar it was a band night, so it was CRAY-zy.  The special was $1 Yuengling bottles until midnight.  (Suck on that Alaska.  You and your $9 beers mean very little to me.)  Scott walked in at 11:55pm.  He and his two friends ordered 3 of the $1 bottles, drank them before I handed back the change,  and asked for 3 more.

Thrifty college students they were.  I was intrigued.  To say I lived/worked/grew-up-in a small town is an understatement.  In fact, the bar ran specials like $1 bottles often, but no one ever ordered them because they were all set in their "I'll-have-a-Bud-light-can" ways.  

So Scott was worth taking a second look at. 

He was impressed that I was a teacher, that I didn't smoke like so many of the girls in the bar did, and seemed to like the idea that I was willing to run with him (yeah, okay, Scott*).

I found it interesting that he was in there at all because, usually, all I saw were the morons I went to high school with.  Not everyone there was bad; I had a lot of acquaintances/friends at that job.  However, once I started subbing in the elementary schools full-time, a bartender's schedule was not conducive and I quit the bar/restaurant job after 3 1/2 years.

I put my number into his cell phone when he wasn't really paying attention.  Then I asked him for his number.  I sent him a text message the next day that started with, "You probably don't remember me..."

And that was that. 

Anyway, after working at a bar for so long, I had become pretty well-versed in drink creation.

That vodka is leftover from our wedding...in 2009.  
Here's what I came up with on a random Saturday night.  I originally used 1 shot of vodka.  It was way too strong.  I have some vodka sensitivities after a crazy night of cheap cranberry and vodkas back in '08.  Meaning, idon'tdrinkitanymoreevereverever.  You can use a whole 2 oz. shot if you want.  Good luck with that headache the next day. 

Sour Green Monster
 makes one drink

6 oz. sour mix (3/4 cup)
1/2 shot vodka (1 oz.)
1 shot melon liqueur (Midori, if you're not cheap.  I'm cheap.)
Squirt of fresh lime juice
2 maraschino cherries

In a martini shaker filled with ice, shake the sour mix, vodka, and melon liqueur.  I used my classy Shake Blender.
Fill a glass with ice and strain in the drink.  Top with lime and cherries. 

*I'm really bad at running.


  1. i liked hearing your story! and $9 beers? seriously - glad you're getting out of there. : )

  2. Love the story, especially that you asked him for his number!

  3. I love your story! And this drink, yum. I'm cheap too - actually just bought the generic midori. :)

  4. OHMAIGAWD, I LOVE MIDORI. Seriously, I am beyond in love with that stupidly sweet melon stuff. I go through uh... too many bottles, wait, what was I saying?! Anyway, your story is adorable. I can only imagine the other awesome stories you have related to bartending and people watching. Those would make excellent post material ;) and thanks for the kick-ass drink!


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