June 21, 2012

It's OK 6/21 and Thankful Thursday


Hey, hey....
It's Thursdayyyyyy.........

First, I have a guest-post happening over at Mrs. K and Captain J.  Mrs. K is a fellow Army wife and used to live in Alaska.  I'm at her blog talking about ...your favorite state, and mine....Alaska.  

(If you're new here, that italicized part was pure and utter sarcasm.)

But seriously, go see her blog.  Her family was stationed in Fairbanks.  Which is a whole other ball of fun...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that when I went to Kay's Jewelers to get my rings inspected  yesterday, they had to print me new paperwork.  I lost mine in my filing "area".

I know.  I don't understand how I could have lost them either. 
To be fair, most of those papers, including that boxful on the floor, are from children.
For example...(click to enlarge and get the full effect)..
They did not want Scott to be jealous of the adoration they showed me.

It's okay that I feel like I"m going to throw up every time I think about going back to school in August.
I'm sure it's just a coincidence, right?

It's okay that I thought I had summoned my inner mechanic and fixed my husband's truck last week, I had not.  The battery is pretty much worthless and needs to be replaced.  Oh well.  At least I didn't blow anything up.
It's okay that I'm too cheap, by miles, to buy those Nike Tempo shorts everyone talks about.  These Old Navy shorts are amazing.  I have 3 pairs at $12 each.
It's okay that I'm willing to pay someone to send me one of these.  Bumper sticker AND on a shirt, please.

What am I thankful for this week?  The little things.
My fireplace (for those chilly summer days), Turbokick (to keep me in shape and help me forget everything else for 45 minutes), a car that works (when the truck does not), and marshmallows (always marshmallows).
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  1. Bahahahah! That sticker is hilarious. You should def get it on a shirt to sport at the gym.

  2. I have those exact Old Navy shorts! Love them! I have a pair of Nike but they are so expensive and I actually think the Old Navy are more comfortable :)

  3. haha my brother that doesn't run said he needs that bumper sticker too. I know prices are astronomical out there, but it could be somewhat similar at least...I've found they sell nike tempo shorts at marshall's and tj maxx for 12 bucks too. But old navy is good too, I actually have quite a few of their workout item and like em. If it works, who cares what brand it is, right?

  4. With age comes wisdom and of course knowing that those shorts would never look good on me, Nike or Old Navy! But I love the filing system and it reminds me that I better get organized if I'm going to hit deadlines coming up:-D
    We have a friend in Fairbanks and she loves it--so a big shout out! Have a great day, XOXO

  5. I love how much you love marshmallows. I'm pretty sure I've never known anyone who loves them as much as you do. :)

  6. I love these posts so much.

    And dammit Barney! Now I want gummy bears.

    Oh hell... I'm gonna eat an otter pop for breakfast.

  7. Haha, LOOOOOVE the note from one of your kiddos. So cute :-D

    I don't get Nike Tempo shorts either. Too expensive when other shorts just do the SAME thing!!!

    LOL-- love the 0.0 sticker. TOO funny ;-D

  8. Found you from K's blog!! We're stationed at Ft wainwright right now. Phew.... we leave in August. We're ready!! :)

  9. I love this! Your True Blood gif made me laugh so hard when your post came up on me google reader. I love the Barney quotes too.


  10. Very impressed by your mechanic skills...my car would have stayed broken.

    Just don't think about the school year. We've got time!

  11. Those shorts look comfy enough. That's all that matters, right? Love your last picture. Little things really CAN make your day and Barney is just hilarious.


  12. My car only got fixed...because I paid someone to do it, so props for trying! And I must check out Old Navy - I refuse to pay more than $12 for running shorts too. I mean, they are to get sweaty in, not to wear for an evening out!

  13. Love this!!

    visit nichollvincent.blogspot.com

    Have a fabulous day! xo

  14. that sticker is HILARIOUS! i need one too!


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