March 4, 2012

Body Image Fail.

This is what my closet looked like when I left for work one day last week.  It was "jeans day".  So technically this could have been any day of the week...however, this just happened to be a Friday.  Don't worry.  I didn't wear Crocs. 

I tried on all of these jeans, only to be disgusted with the fit of each and every pair.  I won't tell you what size these jeans are.  I have no right to complain about being "fat".  But when it comes to jeans, my non-existent posterior seems too big, my toned thighs seem huge, and the waist? Don't get me started.

Clearly, I have issues. 

My (rather pathetic) collection of jeans and I go through this every week.  Maybe I just need to buy new jeans?  The ones on the floor were bought any time between 2006 and 2011.   

 I think I'm just holding onto the darn things for too long.  I don't know what I'm trying to prove.  Being able to fit into jeans from when I was 20 is one thing (And I DO fit into them, thankyouverymuch.), but they just don't fit the same way.  I guess it has been 6 years...

O-m-geeeee....jeans are so uncomfortable.  They just put me in a bad mood.  I wrote this a year ago about my distaste for jeans.  Any agreement from blogland?  Or am I, as my mother always said, "crazy"???

Are there particular brands that you recommend??  I've got a little bit of everything on my closet floor right now.  

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  1. I despise jeans too! Until I find the perfect style/fit. I used to love American Eagle jeans but now the hips and waist fit super weird. Then I moved to NY&Co jeans but even those are weird! Honestly, my favorite jeans are from Kohls...the SO brand in the juniors section. They fit well, they are comfortable, stretchy denim, and they made the backside of me not so flat lol.
    So in answer to your question, you are not the only one that struggles with jeans!!! :) Good luck finding some you feel good in! (I like that picture, and the "measure of a woman"!)

  2. I like jeans with stretch. My absolute favorite kind are Sevens for all Mankind, but who can afford those? A friend gave me a castoff pair a long time ago and I still wear them even though they have tons of holes. They always fit - kinda like the "travelling pants". No matter my size...they always feel great. But all the other brands? I struggle with those!

  3. I am not a huge jeans fan either! I'd rather wear leggings and a dress most days. My favorite pair of jeans right now is from the gap (I go through phases of liking only one or two of my jeans). I also have a pair of jeggings from kohls (I think they are Elle ? brand??) that I really like!

  4. I feel that! My jean of choice these days is William Rast. The ones I have a slightly higher waist. Not too low, not too high. But I also tend to wear my jeans slightly big, too, because I feel like they crush my insides sometimes :-/.

  5. girlllll I hear you! My hubby gives me such a hard time because i have so many pairs of jeans and wear like 2. I just keep holding on to them. My current faves are a pair of jcrew 'toothpick'. They look great with boots, heels and flats!

  6. I love jeans, but at the same time I hate them. I have issues with most pants fitting correctly. Pants are usually too long for me, but short sizes are often too short. I like skinny jeans with boots. However, I'm currently between Old Navy sizes and too cheap to shop elsewhere. If I can't wear boots over them, I have become confused as to what shoes I should wear....

    Just know that you're not alone. Jeans bring out the worst in al, of us! lol


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