November 14, 2011

Monday Musings

1.  Do Don Draper's exploits make anyone else's stomach turn?  I'm only on the beginning of Season 4, so please (I beg of you) don't ruin it for me, but I just can't get how he cheats and cheats and cheats and then goes home to his wife.  (By the way, who would cheat on January Jones anyway?)

He's just so charming.

2. The appliance installation guy got on my case for having my Christmas tree up already.

You would have your tree up already too, readers, if your front yard looked like this.

Yes, that is 2 pick-up trucks and 2 snowmobiles that you see in the picture.  Only one of each belongs to us.  Merry Christmas, Scott.

3.  Merry Christmas to me.

I have it all worked out.  This machine will pay for itself in approximately 10 weeks, as I was averaging 2-3 trips to Starbucks per week.  It's been 3 full weeks of no Starbucks.  They really don't even hold a candle to Dunkin' Donuts anyway.  Not that we have a Dunkin' Donuts here, but my point is...they're not that great.

4.  Oh, I promised the tale of food poisoning.
There is a place called Bob's Clam Hut.
They served fried clams.
For every order placed for clams, you got a free side...of more fried clams.

Scott said that should have been his first clue.

If I would've been there, instead of doing this, I may have redirected his judgement.

Anyway, within an hour, he didn't feel well.  We continued on our way up the coast to Kennebunkport, Maine.  We walked along the beach, took some good pictures, and Scott said the fresh air made him feel better.

However, by the time we were checked into the hotel for the night (which was pretty much in the middle of the woods), he was sick.

Unfortunately, after a day of binging on Dunkin' Donuts iced tea and candy corn, I was hungry for dinner.

I drove 10 miles from small town to small town (in the dark with absolutely no sense of direction) to find a pharmacy and a Subway.

Thank goodness for Google Maps.

Fortunately, Scott was better within a day or so...and hasn't eaten seafood since. salmon in this household.  There's always a silver lining.


  1. I am not a huge fan of Starbucks anyway. The only thing that makes their coffee taste good is all the sugary syrup they put in. I love the Keurig although I don't own one. They would be perfect for me because I am the only one drinking coffee and it is ridiculous to use a normal coffee pot and just make one cup every time I want coffee.

  2. Let me tell you, my front yard does NOT look like yours (Thank God....err....sorry?), but I have contemplated putting up my Christmas tree more than a few times since November 1st. I actually haven't yet because my house is a disaster, and I need to handle that situation first. It is DEFINITELY going up next week, though!

  3. LOL a side of clams with the clams. I too think the coffee maker will pay for itself, I sort of want one too.

  4. I adore my Keurig! That was my Christmas present to myself last year :-)


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