November 15, 2011

Burlap Wreath Tutorial

I am not a crafty person.

(Wow.  What a lead off.  If that doesn't convince to try this, I don't know what will.)

Honestly though, I don't sew because I can't.  I don't knit or crochet...because I can't.  I don't really paint or stencil because...I'm bad at it.  I love buying fabric but then I do nothing with it.  

I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics looking for already-made decorations I could adorn my walls with.  Instead, I saw these green foam wreaths.

And this is easy!  So easy that I promise you can do it!  The hardest part was tracking down the glue gun. 
Please don't mind the math tests in the background.  I'm a multi-tasker at best, a procrastinator at worst.

I was going to buy some fabric to wrap around them, as I've seen on other websites and in magazines.

Then I remembered I had bought some burlap last summer.  It had a purpose at a time, but whatever the project was, it just never came to fruition.  I bought some ribbon that was 50% off, and I knew I already had the raffia at home.  I wanted something that was festive for the holiday season, but also could be on the wall all year long.  I've found that most country-looking decorations can do double-duty in this way.

You'll need:
1 yard of burlap (the 2 wreaths I used were each a 6" diameter)
2 spools of decorative ribbon
1 yard or so of raffia
glue gun

Cut the burlap into 3-4 inch wide strips and start wrapping it around the wreath frame.

Then, wrap the ribbon and raffia around it.

Hot gluing the burlap and then the ribbon and raffia takes only seconds and dries so quickly.  This whole project took less than half an hour.

Sorry for the weird puke-peach color.  We've been blessed with this wall color at the last two houses we've rented.

It's a simple and inexpensive way to decorate the walls.  Go to it!

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