June 2, 2011

Two Years and a Trip North

I'm not sure where the last two years have gone.  Actually, I'm pretty sure they've had the life sucked out of them by the Army. 

One minute, I was planning a wedding, substituting in a kindergarten classroom and Scott was away at school.  The next minute, I was married, STILL planning a wedding and substituting in a kindergarten classroom and Scott was STILL away at school.  Funny how quickly things can change...

But we decided that with our anniversary falling right before Memorial Day, we'd head north.
It was absolutely delightful in so many ways.  Lovely accomodations.  New places to eat.  Pictures to take.  Annnnddd....85 degree temperatures!  Like I said.  Delightful. 

Here I am in all my sunburnt and flip-flopped glory. 
(why yes that is a brand-new camera that i got for an anniversary present.  the pictures will be so much better from here on out!)


A giant Santa at the North Pole

My only thought at this moment was, "Please don't fall on me."

At Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park was fun and educational

The Pipeline

And I really enjoyed getting some close-ups of flowers. 
I think I'm going to print and frame a few of these.

We took a riverboat tour..

..down the Chena.

And then I enjoyed a Mt. McKinley Margarita..and we met some PA people at the hotel bar.

We could just see the peak of the real Mt. McKinley on our way back. 

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