April 1, 2011

...in the name of sentimentality

When Scott and I first met, he was in the middle of remodeling a house in Osceola (actually we're still in the middle of it but the last 18 months in Alaska has put that on an indefinite hold..and that's Osceola Mills for those of you unfamiliar with the small towns of central PA).  I didn't know where the relationship was going but one day, after a week of dating, Scott wrote the following on the unfinished drywall:

So, since then, I've told him that we're never painting over it.  But recently I've come up with a better idea.  We're going to cut out that drywall and frame it, taking it with us wherever we happen to be living.  However, being home without him a few weeks ago, I knew I wasn't skilled enough to cut it out on my own.  So I took a picture.  I'll get that developed into an 8x10 and I can hang it on the wall here.  We'll eventually cut it out on one of these trips home.  And then replace an entire sheet of drywall...all in the name of sentimentality. 

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